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Send Money from Argentina to Australia

Send Money from Argentina to AustraliaWhether you are sending money to Australia from Argentina because you have to buy a property or you need to send your loved-ones some money, and it can be as simple as paying off debts from the said country, there are easy ways to do the money transfer, and it does not involve you traveling there to personally hand over the money.

There are now banks and money transfer companies that can help you transfer the money while you relax and wait for the update that your recipient has received the money.

Send Money from Argentina

Send Money to Australia from Argentina




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Send Money from Argentina

How long does it take to transfer money from Argentina to Australia?

The duration differs as there is a money transfer transaction that takes 1 to 3 days before the receiver got hold of the money, while some are even longer, taking up to 5 days before they get the money.

But other companies can do it in less time, some can receive the money within the day. This is fast to a standard and may also cost you more.


  • Some money transfer companies offer an economic transaction where you will only pay $0.49, but if you want the money sent faster, they will bill you anywhere between $2.99 up to $30 and will still depend on the money that you need to transfer.
  • Other money sending agency will charge $3.98 plus 1.45% of the amount you are planning to send, so it is like shaving off a bit of what your receiver will get.
  • Remember that the more money you send, the bigger the charges will be.

The reason you are getting the service of the money sending companies or even bank to transfer your money is that you don’t want to stress about the money not reaching your recipient. So you will always look for a trustworthy company that you can transact with.

The good thing about these companies and banks is that they offer a secure way of sending your money, they try to send your money the fastest and, at the same time, offer the best rate so you will be a loyal client.

Send money from Argentina to Australia with the bank

We all want a service where we think we are getting more for our money. That the service is of high quality as well. When you send money using banks, it is secure, and you can have a constant update about the money that you sent.
So if the recipient received it or if there is a slight delay, and even if the money transaction was unsuccessful for any reason, they will let you know.

However, the thing with using banks to send your money is that they sometimes do not offer you the best exchange rate for your money, and you are left with less to send, and what’s more is they charge you further for the transaction fees compared to using a money transfer companies.

Usually, those who take the route of using the bank for their money transfer are those who don’t have any idea that they can get more by using a different platform. Others feel secure using the bank to transfer their money, even with the high transfer fees and low exchange rates.

Transfer money from Argentina to Australia with a money transfer provider

There is a money transfer provider that has high visibility in Argentina, and they have been in the industry for a couple of decades now, at the same time, they are also very trustworthy, then there are the new players in the market where they offer discounts, and they give you a better exchange rate as well.

Some of these new players even bill you less for the transfer fees just so you will transact with them. This is a good thing, especially if you are looking for ways to send your money for less and if you want your recipient to receive more.

This is always important if you want to have a money transfer transaction using a money transfer provider. Always look for a company that will give you more for your money, not just in service but also in the exchange rates.


Banks have been at the forefront for a couple of decades now, and that may also be the reason they have high charges for money transfer. Some go for tradition and would like the bank to handle every money transaction they have as they see the banks as a very trustworthy institution. What they don’t know is that there are money transfer companies that can also level with most of these banks with good service, trustworthiness, and speed in sending money.

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