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Buy Neo – Is it worth buying the cryptocurrency

Buy Neo - Is it worth buying the cryptocurrencyNEO is a prevalent blockchain investment that was founded in China in 2014. It utilizes an intelligent economy approach so that it can implement its network idea. One of its primary aims is digitizing assets and using the decentralized network of digital identity and blockchain technology.

Due to the existing restrictions on the cryptocurrency transactions which the China government is imposing, the NEO may emerge as the leading cryptocurrency of choice. Its Onchain technology is ideally invested with a streamlined and centralized approach which differs from other cryptocurrencies.

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Multiple reasons make NEO worth buying, and they include:

Smart Economy

What makes NEO outstanding is that its innovative economy makes it one of the selling points of this cryptocurrency. It offers something different when compared to other methods. Ideally, it compromises digital identities, digital assets, and intelligent contracts.
By incorporating the smart economy, it is virtually possible to digitize your physical assets on this blockchain. When you digitize your assets, you are bound to enjoy some benefits such as transparency, decentralization, traceability, and trustworthiness.

Smart Contracts and Digital Identity

Developers are at liberty to incorporate smart contracts with the NEO option. Developing smart contractors is relatively straightforward, and any developer can make an innovative economy on the platform. The platform has a virtual machine known as NeoVM, which allows you to program any language.

It also contains Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which enables the digital registration of organizations and individuals. Arguably, the platform is certain, efficient, and scalable.


GAS is a beneficial advantage of these cryptocurrency types. It is defined as a form of NEO’s assets type of pairing. It is a type of dividend which is paired for held the NEO platform. Typically, if you have NEO, you will get GAS daily.

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How can I buy NEO?

You can use various methods to purchase Neo, and the fastest and most affordable method is via the online Crypto Exchange.


Various crypto brokerage companies and exchanges can allow you to buy NEO using Paypal. To purchase using this payment option, you need to have a valid PayPal account and register with trading brokerage services that sell the NEO cryptocurrency.

Also, you will require a cryptocurrency wallet that supports various digital assets. Paypal enables buyers to find NEO on their platform relatively straightforward but is quite costly compared to the exchange platform.

Buy with a credit card

You can also use credit cards to buy the NEO platform. The credit card is an easy and affordable method.

Bank transfer

If you want to make a big purchase of NEO, you can use the SEPA bank transfer method. The bank transfer method is a cost-effective method of depositing a large amount of cash during any transaction.

Skrill or Neteller

Skrill or Neteller are other alternative methods of purchasing the NEO. Electronic options are effective for people who don’t want to use a credit card or debit card.

Buy NEO – Where?

Investing in a NEO is a different yet appealing way of investing in cryptocurrency. Neo remains among the top 20 best cryptos you can invest in in 2021. Being among the most significant crypto in terms of efficiency and market capitalization, you can buy it in the following stock exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Crypto-com
  • Changelly
  • Coinbase

Suppose you have a problem finding the ideal trading pair that will pair NEO to the local currency. In that case, you can conveniently trade the money into Bitcoin, which is relatively easy to convert to other currencies. Also, to purchase these platforms, you must have an account with the crypto trading platform. You can either purchase NEO as market or limit order.

Key Takeaway

NEO is among the top leading coins, and according to various predictions, its future is promising. The crypto option is an excellent long-term investment, according to various forecasts. The cryptocurrency is classified as a smart contract that is written in various programming languages. The various fees of running and deploying the smart contract are rewarded with GAS, a separate coin.

Now that you understand the top reasons you should invest in these smart crypto options, ensure you consider investing in them. What makes it outstanding is the promise of giving back huge returns in the long-run which is quite ideal in today’s volatile market.

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