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Buy Polkadot – Is it worth buying the cryptocurrency?

Buy Polkadot - Is it worth buying the cryptocurrencyPolkadot is a new blockchain platform that aims to solve scalability issues by creating an inter-chain network. Since then, the project was funded in 2017 and has been working on its development, with their main net launch scheduled for Q3 of this year. Polkadot’s goal is to create a scalable public blockchain infrastructure that will allow developers to build decentralized applications without worrying about scaling problems.

This means that DApp users can enjoy high transaction speeds while also using the coin as payment within these apps. The team behind Polkadot has developed a smart contract system called “Interplanetary File System” or IPFS. It allows data to be shared across different blockchains through a peer-to-peer.

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How can I buy Polkadot

The easiest way to purchase Polkadot tokens is via one of our supported exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, OKEx, Huobi Pro, HitBTC, COSS, Gate.io, CoinEgg, EtherDelta, Liqui, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, IDEX, Changelly, Cryptopia, Livecoin, Mercatox, Forkdelta, Kraken, CoinbasePro, Gemini, GDAX, Okex, etc. Polkadot is available for trading against BTC/ETH pairs only at the present time. You may follow us here to get instant updates regarding any changes in PDLCoin price prediction.


Polkadot accepts payments using PayPal accounts. Once there, click the “Sign up” button and enter your email address. Then select “Create account.” After that, you should receive an email from Paypal containing information on logging into your account. Click on the link provided to log in. Enter your username and password. In case if you have forgotten your password, you’ll see the option to recover it. When using Paypal, make sure to check out the FAQ page first!.

Buying Polkadot with a credit card

Polkadot accepts payments using Credit cards. Log in to your PayPal account. Selected money’ under ‘other.’ Choose ‘Send Money,’ choose ‘PayPal Account’ and type in your paypal login details. Make sure to add the amount you wish to send to your wallet before clicking ‘continue.’ If everything goes well you should now see a green tick next to the’send money’ icon.

Now go back to the polka dot website and press ‘buy’ again. A pop-up window should appear asking you to confirm your action. Press ok and wait until the process finishes. Your coins are sent! Polkadot does not charge fees for sending funds.

Bank Transfer

Polkadot supports bank transfers. On the top right corner, click on the three dots menu item. From there, select ‘Account Settings.’ Under ‘Withdrawal Methods’, find the method which suits you best. For example, if you want to withdraw USDT, select ‘Bank Wire.’ Fill in all necessary fields such as recipient name, currency code, wire transfer fee, etc. Follow instructions given by the site after filling in all required info.

Wait for confirmation mail from Polka Dot. Confirm your withdrawal request by following the instruction inside the letter. Send the requested amount to the specified receiver. Note that some banks might take longer than others to complete transactions, so please be patient. Also, note that we do NOT support withdrawals over $10,000. We recommend withdrawing smaller amounts first.

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Where to buy Polkadot

The following are some of the platforms Where you can purchase Polkadot :

Bittrex Exchange

Here you will find many cryptocurrency listed, including Polkadot. The platform offers both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. It also has its token called BAT. You can use this exchange to trade between different cryptos. To start trading, simply signup and fund your account with either bitcoin or ether. The next step would be selecting what coin you’d like to invest in. There are two ways to proceed.

KuCoin exchange

This is one of the most popular exchanges where people can buy Polkadot. You need to register at KuCoin and deposit BTC or ETH into your account. Next, search for Polkadot and place your orders. This is probably the easiest way to get started since you don’t even need to create an account. All you need to know is your public key and private key. Both keys are generated when you set up your wallet.

Cryptopia exchange

If you’re looking for another crypto exchange, then Cryptopia may be just what you need. They offer several altcoins, but they only accept deposits through their API. So you must connect your wallet directly to their system via JSON RPC protocol. However, once connected, you can easily sell/trade any available asset.


Polkadot is still very new, and therefore it doesn’t have much liquidity yet. But it will gain more popularity soon because of its unique features. It could become the backbone of decentralized applications due to its ability to scale infinitely without compromising decentralization.

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