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Buy Terra – Is it worth buying the cryptocurrency?

Buy Terra - Is it worth buying the cryptocurrencyTerra is a new blockchain-based platform that aims to provide an alternative to traditional banking. The project has been in development since 2014 and was launched on January 1st, 2018, with its native currency called TERA. It’s designed as a decentralized bank where users can store their funds securely without trusting any third party or centralized institution.

This makes Terra different from other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, which central banks do not regulate. In addition, Terra also offers fiat money deposits through partnering institutions like Dwolla and many others.

The team behind Terra have experience working at some of the biggest names in tech, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. They claim they will offer better security than existing financial services due to their use of advanced cryptography and distributed ledger technology.

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How can I buy Terra

You can purchase Terras using one of two methods:


To get started, you need to create a free account at coinbase.com/join. Once you’ve done this, simply search “terra” under the assets tab. You’ll see all available markets for trading TERA. By deciding Clicking on them will take you to another page to choose how much you want to trade per market. Choose either $5, $10, $20, or $50.

If you’re feeling brave, click on ‘buy now’ next to each market. Enter your payment information and wait until the transaction clears before moving onto. Once the transaction has cleared, you should receive coins into your wallet within minutes. From there, you can move these coins around however you please. Remember that if you don’t already hold bitcoin, you first need to acquire some BTC before exchanging those for teras.


This option isn’t quite as straightforward but still possible. If you live near enough to someone who holds tera, you could always ask him directly. This is an easy way to make small purchases, though, so keep that in mind when choosing whether or not to go down this route.


Terra accepts Paypal to make some deposits easier. To perform this, follow the same steps above, except instead of searching for “TERA”, just type in “PayPal”.This will bring up a list of exchanges that support PayPal payments. Select the one closest to you and proceed as normal. It is also good to understand that while PayPal does allow people to send crypto back and forth between themselves, it doesn’t give you access to your private keys. So even if you pay someone else’s balance, you won’t necessarily know what address belongs to whom.

Can you buy Terra with a credit card?

Yes! they accept most major credit cards via their partner company Bitpay. After signing up, select Terra as the asset you would like to deposit. Then enter your email address and password. Next, add your credit card details and complete the process. Your order will be processed immediately after verification.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is a method used by Terra to transfer funds from one user to another. There are no fees involved, and transfers happen instantly once both parties agree upon the terms. However, it takes about 3 days to clear, depending on the size of the transfer.

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Where to buy Terra

There are many places online where you can buy Terra. The following sites below are safe and secure ways to buy Terra. All of which provide fast delivery times and 24-hour customer service.


It is a good place to start looking for terra buyers. They have over 100 different cryptocurrencies listed, including Terra. Coinmama charges 0% commission fee for trades.


Another popular site for purchasing alt-coin such as Terra. It allows users to sell bitcoins to others locally without having to leave the website. Users can set their preferred price range and location.


It is a New Zealand based platform offering various digital currencies at competitive prices. Cryptopia offers instant Bitcoin withdrawals through its partnership with Simplexwitness.


Offers US customers a wide variety of cryptos, including Terra. Bittrex supports multiple languages making them very accessible to non-English speakers.


Buying Terras is simple and quick. You can decide to use any of the methods mentioned above to purchase Terra. Once purchased, simply store them safely away in your portfolio. This will help protect against theft and ensure you don’t lose money due to market volatility. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.

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