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Send Money to Thailand from the United Kingdom

With the different ways to send money to Thailand available nowadays, the selection will depend on what matters to you the most.

There are varying factors such as exchange rate, how long will it be processed, how it will be received by the recipient, and how much is the payment of the transfer fee?

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Duration: Send Money from the United Kingdom to Thailand

Send Money to Thailand from the United KingdomBank transfer can be slower, taking 2 to 5 business days before the recipient gets hold of the money. There is a money transfer company that will take at least 24 hours to process the transfer, while some can even have the money in real-time. There are factors why it would take longer to receive the money, and mostly it will depend on the location of the recipient, but you have to check on which money transfer company can have it delivered the fastest time.


Luckily, nowadays, there are money transfer options that you can use to transfer the money without fees, and they can send the money in different currencies as well. They are also highly reliable and the reason many people use them for their money transfer needs.

Then another company has a transfer fee of 1.5% fee plus a $3 flat fee every time you send money. It is fast, and it has no fee for currency exchange. This is considered cheap by many people, and there is no hidden conversion rate.
If you have a business in another country and would like to send money to Thailand, this money transfer company is another option since you can have an account with them easily, and then you can transfer funds in minutes. There are just some fees that will be deducted from the money that the recipient will receive, but will be minimal. This overseas money transfer company can send your money in just a day, but you need to send at least a minimum of a thousand dollars and not any amount below.

Although there are plenty of ways to send your money, you need to make sure that your recipient will receive the money you worked hard for. There is also a money transfer company that will promise to send your money for a minimal fee, but you will be surprised at the hidden fees they have, so be aware of such.

Send money from the United Kingdom to Thailand with the bank

With the proliferation of the money transfer company that is more popular and convenient, some people are having second thoughts about using bank transfer. But bank transfer also offers some convenience, like if you have an account with the bank, you can ask your recipient to also open with the same bank in Thailand, so transferring money will be easy. The money will be received in minutes as well.

Although it will also depend on how much you will transfer because the higher amount you transfer there are considerable fees that these banks will also charge for it.

Transfer money to Thailand with a money transfer provider

Money transfer service providers also have their pros and cons, such as high fees for money transfer, low currency conversion, among others.

But you have many options such as checking online, which money transfer company has a high rating and which have the lowest transfer rates, which has a high currency conversion rate, and you will save more by using such companies.

One money transfer company that has been in the business for decades offers coupon code, and their services now become more affordable. Such offers make a difference and give you just enough affordable choices.

There are many money transfer companies that you can use, and if you are going to send money to Thailand frequently, you also need to check what is your best option and which company to go to.


The horrors of previous money transfer stories will make the United Kingdom appreciate what we have today. Now we have so many options, and it is not just the snail phase of bank transfer that we rely on and the huge fees that they sometimes charge to money senders. It is a good thing that as society improves, there are changes in financial handling that developed as well.

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