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Send Money to other Country from India

Send Money to other Country from IndiaThere are times when we need to send money to any country in the world from India, therefore, we must know what are the options we have for it and look at which one is the best for us to use. These occasions may be due to having to send money because our relatives have gone to visit any country and due to circumstances they have stayed with him, or because it is necessary to support the family after having emigrated to work.

But to send that money with the best guarantees, we must take into account the companies that give us the best possible trust so that we do not have any security problems in mind, both of our money, our identity and bank details. that we have to provide to make all this effective. Along with security, to choose the best way to make this money transfer we will be able to see two specific factors, the duration it takes to send money to other Country and the costs that can be incurred when carrying it out.

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Transfer money from India to other Country with the bank

One of the options we have to send money to other Country is to use a bank. Under normal conditions, customers will use their trusted bank at this time. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  • You have to know the personal and bank details of the person who is going to collect this money.
  • You will go to a branch to make that transfer.
  • An agent will help you to do it, for this, you will have to fill in the personal data of both yours and the person who is going to receive that money transfer.
  • Now, you are going to verify that everything is correct and it will be possible to authorize it to become effective. In this way, you will have already made that money transfer.

To choose this option you must take into account two factors in particular, on the one hand, is the time it takes to become effective, here you should know that you will depend on the banks that you have to pass before reaching your destination and the time that it takes the specific bank in making it effective, another thing that also influences is whether or not there are international agreements in this area between those countries. Normally they take between 1-2 days to 1 week.

On the other hand, we must look closely at the issue of commissions, since they are usually quite expensive, this will depend on the amount to be sent, the international agreements between countries in the financial field and the banks that have to go through to reach the final. In normal conditions, these commissions will be between 30-50 dollars approximately.

Transfer money to other Country with a money transfer provider

This is the second option we have to send our money to other Country from India. With the rise of the Internet, it is becoming the most chosen option so far. To use everything correctly, we can follow the following:

  • We have to know all the personal data such as the name and surname of that person or their postal address.
  • Now you have two possibilities, the first is to go to a branch of the company you want and the second would be to enter their website or the application on your mobile.
  • If you have chosen the first one, you must fill out, together with the clerk, a form with all the data we have collected, together with our bank details and the amount to send. If you have chosen the second option, you can do it alone from your home.
  • You will check that everything is correct and it will be effective.

Duration of a money transfer abroad

To know if this is the best option to make our transfer, we will look at the duration in which it becomes effective and the costs of sending it. In the case of duration, we must emphasize that it takes much less than a bank, this is because there are hardly any intermediaries, only the company itself, besides, we will have to take into account the collection method that has been chosen, since it will take longer if the money is sent home than if it is collected in cash. Normally, the transfer is usually effective in minutes, although it may take a maximum of 2 days.

In the case of the costs of this transfer, it should be noted that the commissions are much lower, especially since you will only have to pay the company and it will depend on the amount to be sent, normally that amount does not exceed 10 dollars on average.


In conclusion, taking into account everything that we have previously analyzed, the best firm to send money to other Country is undoubtedly a transfer provider, this is because it is effective and costs less than doing it through a bank.