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Send Money from China to Malaysia

Send Money from China to MalaysiaSending money to Malaysia from China may create issues if you send an enormous amount of money. In this instance, the transmittal will be flagged, and this is because of the current political climate. The Chinese government is also making things a bit difficult. But you can use some money transfer company to send money to Malaysia, such as one of the most famous money transfer companies around the world. This money transfer company can help you transfer the money, but the conversion rate may not be high, and the fees are high.

Send Money to Britain Malaysia from China

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How long it would take to transfer money from China to the Malaysia

Processing usually takes 3 to 5 days, which is longer compared to sending money to other countries that can do it in 24 hours. But there is a longer waiting time as some money remittance companies can even take up to 7 business days. Receivers of the money do not consider it convenient, and they would prefer to have the money sooner.


The charges when you use banks for a money transfer can range between ¥3.50 to ¥15 and even more. The amount that you will send will have a bearing on the charges the bank or company will add to your payment. For a money transfer company, the rates vary and depend on the amount you want to get processed for sending. We consider their exchange rates higher compared to banks.

Sending money to Malaysia with the Bank

It is also well known that when you use banks for money transfers, there are numerous fees and poor exchange rates. When you are on a budget, fees will be incurred when you transfer money, it will add up fast. There will be a transaction fee from 0.1% to 1% plus the remittance fee anywhere between 70 to 200CNY, depending on the bank. There will be another fee ranging from $1 to $20 for the transaction fee.

When it arrives at Malaysia bank, there will also be a charge ranging between 0 to $25. This is why it will cost you when you need to send money from China to Malaysia using banks. When you add it all up, the cost is heavy on the pocket.

Banks will also inform the authority of any payments made that are too much or above their limit. You will be questioned, and you may not be keen on answering such questions if your only focus is to send money to your family.

Transferring money from China to Malaysia with a money transfer provider

What you can rely on most money remittance company is that they charge lesser compared to banks. A $10K can have a fee of only $30 to $35, which is still measly compared to the amount you need to pay when using banks. The exchange rate is also something to applaud as the exchange rates are high. The method of encashment for some money transfer companies varies cause some companies require the recipient to go directly to any branch of the remittance company.

This may be an inconvenience to some, especially when other remittance companies can credit the money directly to their bank account. There is an online money transfer that is easy to access. You need only to join and sign up when you want to send money. Payment is via credit card or debit card as well. There is just a percentage that can range from 0.5% to 2.4%.


Receiving money from outside is easier compared to sending money out from China. There are a few regulations about money sending that one has to consider. There are also amount that is allowed for sending outside China and more can cause trouble or can lead to you being questioned by the authority. The thing is, you need to follow rules, and if not, you will have issues with the government.

When you send money outside China, you have a limit that is just low, when you need to send money often, it will surely cost you in the long run. It may not also be to your advantage once you sum up all the fees you have to pay with all the money transfer.