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Send Money from Italy to Malaysia

Send Money from Italy to MalaysiaIn many countries nowadays, the focus is on making sure that the money you sent will be in the hands of the recipient in the fastest time possible. Gone are the days when banks or other money institutions will get to play with your money for several days before letting the receiver get a hold of it. Some money sender can even attest to their money arriving in the country of destination within hours, whilst some said that their receiver received their money- real-time. What about sending money from Italy to Malaysia, with both countries amid high technology and development, it is also an assurance the money will be forwarded to the recipient fast.


Send Money to Malaysia from Italy

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How long does it take to transfer money from Italy to Malaysia?

Sending money from Italy will only take a day, to a few hours. Although, some delivery methods may take 2 to 3 days. But the sender will let the receiver know of any issues and have an update the whole time. If there are concerns that cause delay, the receiver will be informed via a text message or through email.


When you send money from Italy to Malaysia, some will charge between 1.99 EUR to 28 EUR depending on how much you will send. Some charges more if you will send more money as well. You can find an online app where there is a comparison of charges and fees for every money sending institution and you can even find some information about the charges for most banks. There is also a difference when you send more cause they will charge more, but there is also some money transfer company that has a one-time fee for a specific amount of money. Some companies will charge you less, but the exchange rate is also lower.

Sending money to Malaysia with the bank

The bank can now send money faster, compared to decades ago where the money takes up to a week before it arrives at the designated country.
Now, bank transfer takes less time, even a few hours. Some banks will offer you a fast sending solution at an added cost, but if you are not really in a hurry to have the money transferred, you need not pay any extra. Some money that has been transferred can be in the receiver’s bank account the same day depending on the time difference, but if not, the receiver will have it the next day. Some banks will not charge any fees, but of course, you should also know the exchange rate. Check if you will save more by using such banks compared to paying the sending fees. There is also a phone app where you can use the bank’s app to transfer money and this is also easy to do cause you need not go personally to the bank branch where you open an account in Italy.

The receiver must have a bank account in Malaysia cause you will just be moving money within the same bank. Some banks will charge you less while some banks will charge more, so it is best to know which bank has the best option if you will be sending money often to New Zealand.

Transferring money from Italy to Malaysia with a money transfer provider

Many money transfer providers nowadays are trustworthy, just like when you use banks to send your money. They have their names to uphold, and they will make sure that your recipient will have their money on time. Most of the money transfer providers have their branches all over the world and this makes sending money easy for anyone. There are also money transfer providers that have been around for decades and they have some money-saving offers you can use from time to time. The money transfer providers also have their counterpart in Malaysia that makes it faster to send your money, and the receiver can go to any branch in Malaysia and get their money, or some money transfer provider will also have the money forwarded to your recipient’s bank account. What’s more, you can also do the process online, which is better if you don’t like to go out and go to the nearest money transfer office.

This way is also safe and is more convenient. When you use any money transfer provider, reading reviews and comments online will help you choose which company to trust and which company will give you more for your money. They also have competitive exchange rates, they will ensure to send your money to the recipient the fastest and you will have less to pay for the sending fees. There is also a way for you to know the exchange rate online and how much you need to pay for the amount of money you will send, this is easier for you to pick the best offer and where you can be able to pay less and send more money to your recipient. One last thing you should always check when sending money using a money transfer provider is to give the correct information about your receiver cause this will also cause delays for your receiver to get their money. Some bit of wrong information can make it difficult for them to receive their money on time, this will also cause inconvenience both on your part and your receiver’s.


Comparing money transfer services side by side is helpful, cause this will assist you to make smart choices. If sending money to another country is going to be a frequent thing, you can gauge which company will be more beneficial to you. If you are more trusting with using banks in sending money, you should also do the same thing by comparing their fees, rates, and charges before sending out any amount of money. This is also easy to do because of the available information you can get online. Always do your homework, and you can’t go wrong.

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