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Send Money to Indonesia from New Zealand

Send Money to Indonesia from New ZealandIf you want to send money from New Zealand to Indonesia, it is now possible to do so in minutes. In previous years, you need to spend a few hours to have your money transfer processed, and it takes a lot of paperwork plus completion of info.  Thanks to progress, we now have the technology that can take care of these tasks swiftly and safely.

If you want to send money to Indonesia from New Zealand, you may do so with a bank transfer, also by using independent money transfer companies. Both are safe, and there is a high probability that they also have different branches in many countries.

Although, there are also money transfer companies that don’t have services in some remote countries. When you use such a company, make sure that they have services in the country you are planning to send money to.

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Duration: Send Money from New Zealand to Indonesia

There are money transfer companies that can send your money in minutes others can send your money in 24 hours while some companies can complete the process in 1-3 banking days. Although there is also another remittance company that can send your money for up to 5 days.


  • Sending money to Indonesia may cost you if it is coming from New Zealand. Some charge for as low as $7.50 plus hidden currency conversion cost can start from the same amount to $10 up.
  • Other remittances may cost you up to $15, while those who can send your money in minutes, can balloon to $30 and up with their charges.

When you send money to Indonesia, some currency exchange may differ so you have to be wary of this before sending out your hard-earned money, make sure you get the services of a remittance company that will charge you less and will convert your money for more.

Transfer money from New Zealand to Indonesia with the bank

If you have an account with a certain bank in New Zealand, you can ask them if you can send money to Indonesia. The fee of sending money and of course the duration for it to be processed.

You can also do this online if you have an account with a bank you are sure can transfer the amount you require to your recipient in Indonesia.

Sometimes all you have to do is to sign up for online banking, check all the details, once confirmed you need to set the amount where you want it sent and how long would it take. There are also ways for you to check the fees cause some online banking will also let you compute the fees for every dollar that you will send. Your recipient can also get their money in Indonesian rupiahs if they prefer or in New Zealand dollars.

Transfer money to Indonesia with a money transfer provider

Using a money transfer provider makes it easy for you to send your money to Indonesia. One thing that you don’t need to worry about is the safety of doing so.

They also offer a strong exchange rate for every dollar that you will send. Money transfer to Indonesia can also have the lowest fee as long as you know where to look or which provider to help you do it. Some also offer cash pickup where they can get the money in minutes.

Also, it is now possible to have the money sent to their bank account directly when you send via money transfer provider.

You can get the most out of your money transfer from checking the exchange rates from New Zealand to Indonesian rupiahs, checking the transfer fees, and making sure that it is a fair rate. Another is by checking how much you can send and with the higher amount you need to send, the higher the transfer rate will be. Although, some money transfer companies may offer a flat rate and here you can save.

Turnaround time is another thing that you need to consider cause you don’t need a transfer company that charges you the littlest fee and having your recipient wait a week for their money, find a company that can give you savings and has a fast turnaround time.


If you need to send money to Indonesia for some emergency reasons, there are money transfer companies that can process it in minutes, but you need to keep in mind that you will pay more for this. Quickly receiving money means more expenses on your end.

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