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Send Money to Nigeria from New Zealand

Send Money to Nigeria from New ZealandThere are workers around the globe and they may be required to transfer to another country at some point, leaving their families behind.

They are the people that need the money transfer service, and they also need a service that will be affordable for them.

Although money transfer companies are prolific in other countries, in Nigeria there are a few that are available, but not as many compared to other countries.

Best Send Money Service to Nigeria from New Zealand




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  • Wise is a very good provider for overseas transfers. The transfers are easy, convenient and secure. The most important thing is that the transfers are also much cheaper than with the bank.

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  • Save up to 90% compared to banks. No hidden costs. Large selection of countries.

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  • Azimo is a very competent partner for the international transfer. Azimo has a large selection of countries and the transfers are safe and cheap.
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Duration: Send Money from New Zealand to Nigeria

  • There is the method where the money is received within an hour, while other platforms can have the money delivered in one to three days.
  • For emergencies, receiving money in real-time is the best option, but for less urgent money requirements, a few days should be good.


Fees can vary anywhere between $3.99 to $10 per transaction. Some even charge more.

Security when sending money is an utmost concern by the senders. They want to make sure that their hard-earned money will reach the recipient safely. By using either a bank or a money transfer agency to help with the money transfer requirements, security should be the least of your worries nowadays.

Send money to Nigeria with the Bank

A bank is the first option for most of the money senders from New Zealand going to Nigeria. Most banks have a tall presence in many countries, and senders feel more secure using these banks.

The thing with using banks for your money transfer needs is that they are expensive. You may need to pay more for the same transaction that you will take to another money sending company.

Some information that you need to get hold of when you need to transact with any bank from Nigeria is the exchange rate cause most of the banks do not offer a high exchange rate as compared to companies who transfer money.

Another thing you have to note is their fees and charges and how much you have to pay for a certain amount that you will send. Sometimes they will charge more for a higher amount compared to using money transfer companies who can offer you a flexible rate depending on the amount you send. The bigger the amount, the more flexible the fees will be.

Transfer money from New Zealand to Nigeria with a money transfer provider

Sending money using the online option may cost you less if you compare it to sending money with a bank. You will also enjoy an excellent exchange rate if you use money transfer companies.

The steps you need to complete includes comparing the different money transfer companies. Find out which of these companies offer the cheapest rate for money transfer transactions. You need to open an online account, and you have to log in so you can proceed with the transaction.

Setting up the transfer is your next step, where you will provide the recipient’s details and how you want the money delivered to the receiver.

Paying the transfer is via debit or credit card, or wire transfer. If you pay using your credit card, there are additional charges, so don’t be surprised. Then click send at the end so you will complete the transaction. Your recipient must be informed as well about the money that you will send.

Give the details as well, such as the amount they should expect and if they need to provide any identification if the money is for pick up in any branch or if they can withdraw the money from any ATM. If the money is for pick-up, make your receiver bring an ID and other needed requirements if needed.

Sometimes there are additional requirements asked when the money to be picked up is a vast amount, and the receiver may need to provide additional identification. This is on a case-to-case basis depending on which company the sender used.


For those who are keener on using the bank with their money transfer requirements, they should also consider that in Nigeria, there are over 40 million people without access to a bank account, and this may be another hurdle for the receiver. They may need to go to some office where they can pick up the money instead of the money, being directly deposited into their bank account.

However, this is also doable since there are companies who will also cater to their needs, and they can get their money as well, provided they show proper identification and the needed requirements.

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