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Send Money to Romania from New Zealand

Send Money to Romania from New ZealandSometimes you are delegated to work away from home and in this case, they may send you to New Zealand to complete a project and where you will need to stay for a long time.

Other people may just be on a vacation in New Zealandand they forgot that they need to fund or to pay for something, so it will require them to send money to Romania.

This can be solved simply by using a bank or a money transfer provider to do the money transfer transaction for you.

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Duration: Send Money from New Zealand to Romania

Duration or the time before your recipient will get the money varies and there are reasons it will take real-time to get your money across or it can even be within the day and sometimes it can take up to three banking days.

Getting the money transferred fast may also cost you as some money transfer agency or bank will charge you more.

If it is not an emergency, then you can use the cheaper way to send it which is in paying an economy rate which will take anywhere between three to five days.


When you use a bank, they will certainly charge you for the transfer fees, and you must know there are also succeeding fees that the receiving bank will apply as charges to complete the transaction.

You can either pay this on your end or you can have your recipient pay it on their end, it will depend on what you agreed upon.

There are money transfer agencies where you will pay half compared to what you need to pay when you go to a bank for the transfer transactions.

  • We are already at a time when we can use our mobile phones to send money, with just a few swipes on our phone screen and our receiver can have their money.
  • Banks are more high tech with processing our money transfer request, which is advantageous to us.
  • However, with this high technology, we should also be ready to pay the price for such. It is because of the swiftness of the transaction and the certainty that the money will be delivered to the recipient.

Send money to Romania with the Bank

The bank has control over the amount that they will charge you for the money transfer. It will also depend on what currency it involves and if you need to send it within 24 hours or you can wait for a few days for the transaction to be completed.

If you have an account with the bank and the recipient also has an account with the same bank, then use this to your advantage since there are lesser charges if you are to transfer to the same bank in another country, this is going to be a bank to bank transfer.

Important things you will have to consider is how high is the exchange rate, how low are the charges for the transfer, and how fast will the transaction be?

Ask how much you need to pay in total cause you need to have a complete idea of how much you will spend. Sometimes, there are hidden charges that will surprise you, so better to know this beforehand.

Transfer money from New Zealand to Romania with a money transfer provider

It is a good thing to have many options when you need to use a money transfer provider for your money transfer to Romania requirements, unlike in the old days where you don’t have a choice cause there are just one or two reputable companies that will service your money sending needs.

Now, it will not take an effort to compare each of these money transfer providers and see what they have to offer.

You need to compare so you can check which provider will help you save more and will mean you can send more to your recipient. Most of the money transfer agencies offer higher exchange rates while charging lower fees for the sending transactions.

Check what is their exchange rate and how much do they charge for the transaction. If there are discounts that you can take advantage of, then this is something that will benefit you as well.


Now that we can transact securely, money sending is no longer something that will take too much effort. Sending Money to Romania is fast and cheap. They now make paying for the money transfer fees affordable.

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