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Open a Bank Account Abroad

Open a Bank Account AbroadIt is now easy to open a bank account wherever you are, as long as you have the proper identification you can provide when requested.

Many people open a foreign bank account because they are often going to that place, they have business dealings there, or they are interested in investing in that country.

Whatever the reason, it is now easy to do so as it is made simple nowadays with lesser paperwork to complete. You can make the transaction online or you can go to the branch of the bank where you want to open an account.

Open a Bank Account

Open an account in an online bank abroad

Although we are already advanced in technology, this is still not allowed by most foreign banks cause you have to open an account by visiting the branch of the bank where you want to open an account with. There are a few where you can open an account by using a money transfer.

So how do you open a foreign bank account? You need to choose first which bank you like to open an account and will depend on your reason, such as you often travel to that country; you have an investment there or you would like to stay there for good.

There are requirements such as name, date of birth, address, occupation, and citizenship. Providing the necessary documents is important and will include your passport, driver’s license, and other identifying documents that may be requested. You may need to keep everything authentic by having everything notarized depending on the request of the bank.


There are costs you need to know before opening a bank account abroad cause you will be paying not just for the account opening fees but also for completing documents such as notarization fee, local tax ID if requested by the bank, the cost of postage, and mailing fees. When you have to travel, this should be added to the overall cost.
Remember that each bank has differing account opening fees where some banks may cost more than other banks.

Advantages of a bank abroad

  • Some banks abroad offer lower tax or even zero tax. However, there are also issues about taxes that one must understand when opening a bank account abroad.
  • Convenient, and you have the flexibility just like you are banking locally.
  • When you are an investor, it is an advantage to have a bank account abroad. It will also allow you to invest in opportunities outside your country. They can offer you more interesting investment solutions.
  • It also offers protection when there is a shift in the economy.
  • You have better currency exchange rates.
  • Easier to get loans, and it will give you more options in obtaining financing.
  • You can enjoy having a dedicated bank manager to manage your account. That person will be hands-on, and you can directly discuss the status of your deposits with him.

Disadvantages of a bank abroad

  • There is a negative connotation when you have an offshore bank account, although this is not the case some negatives include money laundering, organized crime, or even tax evasion.
  • Some banks require non-locals to deposit a higher amount and sometimes even charge higher fees when you open the account.
  • If in case the bank that you chose defaults, goes bankrupt, or there is a financial crisis, you won’t be able to get all your money, not even a cent in some situation. Although there are banks who can give a percentage to those local depositors, but not to foreign depositors.
  • Some banks require proof of local business, and this may be a hurdle for some foreign depositors.
  • You need to do your homework before you open a bank account abroad. The rules and regulations may differ in some foreign banks, and this is what you should check into. Also, the stability of the bank that you will open an account with, must be double-checked.


It is simple for some depositors who open a bank account abroad cause they have made inquiries and researched the bank that they will use to open an account. It is the same when you want to open an offshore bank account cause you need to look at the terms and conditions, study the rules and regulations when banking abroad before you deposit your money with your eyes closed. The pros must always outweigh the cons.

Open a Bank Account

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