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Remitly United States Review – Send Money Comparison

Remitly United States Review - Send Money ComparisonYou must be aiming at using the Remitly money transfer. However, you have a variety of questions that you wish to have more knowledge of before you decide to sign up. In this Remitly review, you will have adequate information on Remitly money transfers. Remitly, money transfer is a secure and fast way of sending money. Besides, it is free and thus useful for use while not in a rush of sending money. After consulting with your banks, you will realize that no bank is offering what Remitly is offering. Therefore, this is an excellent app that is worth using.

Furthermore, it is a transparent and timely transaction with no any kind of issues. This money is debited from the U.S. account at the right time and has been credited to the Indian account regarding the promised time.

Remitly: 93% VERY GOOD



Remitly is an online money transfer service with low prices. Registration is easy and the transfer is executed immediately.

Send Money with Remitly
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What’s Remitly Review

Remitly is online money transfer, which is allowing individuals in the U.K., Australia, Eurozone, Canada, and the U.S. to be sending money to more than 40 countries all over the world. It is a digital form of money transfer, thus a better alternative to the traditional services of money transfer. Therefore, ensure you are using this inexpensive, secure, and fast way of transferring money.

The mobile optimizes Remitly, and you will be sending money to other countries using these services. The services are provided in Vietnamese, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, Polish, German, French, Spanish, and English.

The procedure of funding for money transfer is more comfortable. Remitly will assist you in paying through a bank transfer, credit, and debit card. The beneficiary is bearing a variety of choices on the procedure of picking up the money.

What can you do with Remitly?

The use of Remitly is associated with a variety of applications. The various methods are including:

  • They will be having the depositing of the transferred money in the bank account present in their local currency
  • They will be picking money in the form of cash from 140,000 all over the world
  • You will be having money transfer direct in the mobile wallet in smart device
  • Delivery of funds into the various home address

The many deliveries are applying to all the various locations. As a result of the focus on mobile apps and digital technology, the Remitly fees are more reasonable. They are thus focusing on the provision of better exchange rates on currency exchange and money transfers.

Remitly Money Transfer

Remitly is offering two different forms of money transfer services which are including:

  • Economy: You will be finding the money transfers using a deposit coming from the bank account. The fees will be much lower regarding the express services. At the same time, there may be no forms of payment at all. The transfers will be taking around three to even five days.
  • Express: You will be funding the transfers using the credit and debit card. The fees are much higher. As a result, there will be a need to pay a ticket for the sake of processing fees. The money is usually present to a beneficiary in a few minutes after the making of the payment.

Independence to the country in which you are making transfers, you will be limited to one of the present options.

Similar to other varying money transfers, Remitly is not bearing monthly and daily limits on the amount of money that ought to be transferring. The money transfer shall be depending on your tier. After signing up, you will end up getting aces to the higher tiers through the provision of Remitly bearing additional identification and information.

Remitly Money Transfer Fees

Remitly money transfer is fees which are based on various factors including:

  • The amount of money you are transferring
  • The place you will be transferring money
  • The procedure of funding of money transfer
  • The beneficiary currency in which you will be receiving the shipment in
  • The form of transfer service you consider choosing

Remitly Money Transfer Will Take Place from the Following Countries

The Remitly online and app transfer is a service that is helping in the sending of money from a variety of countries. The countries are:

Australia, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Finland, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, U.K, Sweden, U.S.A

Remitly is Allowing the sending of money to these countries

The Remitly online and app transfer service is letting the sending on money to various counties all over the world.

The states are including:

Argentina, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Rica, Costa, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, Haiti, Guatemala, Hungary, Honduras, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Jamaica, Mexico, Malaysia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Paraguay, Panama, Philippines, Peru, Romania, Poland, Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tunisia, Uruguay, Uganda, and Vietnam

Is Remitly Safe?

Remitly is exceptionally safe. It is under-focused with a simple online interface and excellent mobile applications. Beneficiaries will be collecting money form the different participating banks. It is including all the various main banking networks in the counties and states where Remitly is present. There are a variety of payout methods which are including cash pickup of over 140,000 mobile wallet deposits, home delivery, bank transfer, and locations.

There is a necessity of locking the exchange rates while placing the removal. As a result, it will be avoiding the fluctuations in your currency. The text/SMS message alerts will assist in tracking the transfer and knowing when it has been collected and paid. The 100% guarantee satisfaction is implying you will be getting the fees back mainly when you are pleased.


Remitly is highly competitive exchange rates. The prices are between 0.5% and 2% worse than the mid-market rates. There is a necessity of creating an account using Remitly and logging in to see on the exchange rates in which you shall be charged. It will depend on the place in which you wish to send the money.

You now have adequate information on Remitly money transfers. Therefore, there is nothing that will deter you from using this method of this transfer. Therefore, ensure you start using this method today for safe, reliable, and inexpensive money transfers.

Remitly: 93% VERY GOOD



Remitly is an online money transfer service with low prices. Registration is easy and the transfer is executed immediately.

Send Money with Remitly
User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)