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Send Money from Benin to United States (USA)

Send Money from Benin to United States (USA)Money transfer is a necessity nowadays because it is used to fund business abroad, to buy property, for investment, or even to help family and friends. When sending money from Benin to the US, there is also a list of reasons people need to send money and it can even be to pay for accommodation in the US, to fund a wedding, or just simply to buy something in the said country.

But whatever the purpose, it just shows how significant it is to have money transfer providers around.

Send Money to the United States from Benin




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How long does it take to transfer money from Benin to the USA?

If you are sending money to fund a business or buy a property, you need a method to send the money fast. If it is also emergency money for your friend in the US, you should be able to send the money in minutes. Banks can complete the money transfer in 2 to 3 days, so you need to note this down when sending money.

For money transfer providers, they can do it in minutes, and if there is any delay, you can expect the money within 24 hours. With banks, your recipient will have the money after a few days, while with a remittance company, your receiver should expect to get hold of the cash in minutes.


Rates for sending money from Benin to the US can start at $3 and up. Expect that the more you send, the higher the fees for banks. With the remittance center, they will ask for a flat rate. It is ideal to send a higher amount cause you will save money instead of sending a lower amount and paying the same fee. Expenses will also vary if you are using a credit card to pay for the transfer. If you are paying cash, you may pay less.


People who want to send money have two options, such as personally visiting the bank or the money remittance center to transact or do it online. Both banks and money transfer companies have an online presence, so it will not be impossible to do the money transfer online. There are also benefits when doing the transfer online, such as security, safety, and speed. There is a lower service charge when transacting online, also there is no need to present any paperwork, and the most important is having it accessible round the clock.

Send money to the United States with the bank

The traditional way of sending money abroad is with the use of banks. This method of transferring money has been there for decades. Most people who use banks for their money transfer requirements have an account with the bank, and it makes it possible for them to send a higher amount of money.

There are still fees that banks charge them, but the good thing is their transaction is easy and smooth. Being an account holder in a bank has its perks, and one of them is the safety of sending money abroad.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

With the proliferation of remittance specialists, sending money abroad is not complicated. Money remittance specialists have a presence around the world that makes remitting money a breeze. With the branches scattered all over the globe, the receiver will not find it hard to pick up their money, and it can even be credited to their bank account.

If they are able and would rather pick up the money in any branch of the money remittance center, this is also possible, and it is faster. It is safe cause the recipient will have the transaction number, and they only need to show identification when collecting the money. As long as they have the transaction number, they can also pick up the money anytime they wish.


Although sending money abroad is now common because of the availability of money remittance specialists, not just banks who can do the transaction. If you are sending money from Benin to the US, it is also ideal to compare remit rates from a different company, and banks cause even a small amount of savings count.

It is crucial if you are sending money to fund business or there are people you need to pay abroad, and if there is a need for you to purchase regularly from the US, any savings will count once you sum it all up

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