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Send Money from Ecuador to United States (USA)

Send Money from Ecuador to United States (USA)Sending money from Ecuador to the US, whether for business or personal reasons, is protected and will not be something that you worry about. Ecuador also uses USD currency, which makes sending simpler. The rise of the money transfer specialist continues, which makes sending money to different parts of the world easy.

Send Money to the United States from Ecuador




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How long does it take to transfer money from Ecuador to the USA?

You have options depending on which company you will use. Most companies will transfer your money in 24 hours, while some can deliver in 12 hours. There is a money remittance company who will tell you they will deliver the money within the day, so you should expect that they can transfer it in as fast as 2 hours or as long as over 20 hours. When you want to have your money delivered quickly, there is also a money remittance company that will have it delivered within minutes, but there are just a few who can do such transactions, and expect that it will cost you more.


Each company will have unique pricing, so you need to decide which company you would choose. There is a money remittance company that can charge you from 5 USD to 10 USD and up. It will be to your advantage if you check online first what this remittance company offers and how much do they charge as well for every transaction. You can also benefit from a remittance company that offers free money transfers and gives you more for your money.


Sending money from Ecuador is easier since they also have a US currency. People can also open a bank account if they want to send money to the US. This can make it simpler for them to send money in minutes. They can either transact online or go to the bank personally if they need to transfer money. There are many banks available in Ecuador to do the transaction, and likewise, there are also many remittance companies to do the same.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Banks have been there through the years and thus earned the trust of many people for their reputation or taking care of your money and securely send it in whatever country you choose. However, they also have a reputation of being expensive with money transfers cause they have huge fees and sometimes may also have hidden charges that will surprise you.

But other people are more reliant on using banks instead of other means of sending their money cause they feel banks are trustworthy and will deliver their money to the intended recipient. Some customers may also opt-in using banks if they are not keen on saving some money, but more particular with the service provided to them.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

Fortunately, when you need to transfer money, there are numerous ways you can do so, and it is not just by depending on banks to make the transaction happen. With the many remittance companies available worldwide, sending your money is not difficult, plus it is now affordable, as some companies promise on lowering their fees and charge less with money transfers.

This is an advantage to people in Ecuador and wants to send money to the US for business transactions or their families. Most of the money transfer providers are competing with one another to provide a cost-effective way to remit the money to the recipient and offer reliable service along the way.

People nowadays are more than happy to rely on money transfer companies instead of using banks cause they find it convenient, reliable, and secure. What’s more surprising is that the delivery does not take long, so the recipient will have the money in no time.


Many countries are still on the lookout for money laundering schemes or want to protect their people from scammers, and the good thing is most money transfer providers are reputable since they have been in the business for many years. They are also up for the challenge of making people rely on them instead of using banks for money transfer requirements.

They are looking for ways to make their service better, faster, and more economical. It is crucial for people who need to transfer money to their loved ones wherever they are located.

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