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Send Money from Portugal to United States (USA)

Send Money from Portugal to United States (USA)Portugal is a developed country. They are also included in the list of high-income countries because of continuous growth, and their country is flourishing. They have Euro as currency, and there are also many people from other countries who are living in Portugal or who are there for business.

Money remittance is a non-issue in this country cause they also have banks and money remittance centers spread all over the country to help ex-pats and foreigners when they need to send money to their country of origin. Sending money from Portugal to the US is common cause there are tourists as well who need to send money to their country for emergency or to fund some business.

Send Money to the United States from Portugal




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How long does it take to transfer money from Portugal to the USA?

The longest it would take for your money to travel from Portugal to the US is 3 to 5 days. For some venues, it can take 2 days while the quickest delivery is within a day or a few hours. One company may be cheaper today but not tomorrow, so you have to make a comparison every time you need to send money to the US. There is also a remittance company that can send money the fastest, but it will not be the cheapest.


Good thing that there is a money transfer company that can deliver your money for free cause they have some promotions or discounts from time to time. They also offer such for first-time customers or clients, and sometimes they have a free delivery offer for the first three transfers.


Sometimes clients are just looking for ease of use when they want to send money abroad. They don’t want to check on the fees and charges, and they are just after the security and reliability of the company they will use. Most companies are reputable and have a high review online. Most of the clients are looking for excellent reviews when they want to go for a remittance company. Sometimes they would go with a bank for their money transfer requirements.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Since banks are well known wherever you are, you can find banks with an excellent reputation and are well-known worldwide. Depending on what country you are in, you can even open your own bank account, and this can be an easy way for you if you frequently need to send money to the US.

When you have a bank account, you can also do a transfer online, and you need not go to the bank personally to transact. Banks are reliable, but they charge a higher transfer fee. Their exchange rate is not that high, which means you will have less to send to your recipient. At the same time, you pay more for the transfer. It may also be complicated at times if you are not keen on looking at the hidden fees and the other costs.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

Most money transfer providers have a presence worldwide, particularly those who have been in the business for decades. It is beneficial, cause wherever you are, you will find them in a corner or inside malls or grocery stores. They also have a fast delivery of the money, and what’s more, they have 24/7 support to help put your mind at ease about your money transfer requirements.

Other money remittance companies are cheap cause they do not have lower transfer fees they offer for most of their customers, particularly if the client is sending a certain amount that will have a flat-rate fee. Also, most of the money remittance company allows online transaction so those who don’t want to get out of the house but want to send money, this is the easy way to do it. You can pay for your money transfer using a bank transfer, a debit card, or even a credit card.


There are minimum and maximum money transfer limits depending on the company that you will use for the money transfer, so you need to be aware of this as well. When you need to send an extensive amount of money, you need to go for the reputable remittance company that you know will handle the delivery safely and securely and has a 24-hour update regarding the money transfer. Most money remittance companies also have a tracking process to help their clients be at ease while waiting for their money transfer to be received by the recipient.

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