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Send Money from South Korea to United States (USA)

Send Money from South Korea to United States (USA)Expats who just arrived in South Korea have one commonly asked question and it is how to send money to the US? They are wondering if they can send money home and if it will take a big deal to make the transaction happen.

It is also a question for them if they can send money just by using the bank, and if that is so, are they allowed to open a bank account in South Korea if they just arrived in the country?

Send Money to the United States from South Korea




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How long does it take to transfer money from South Korea to the USA?

The duration may vary particularly if it is a huge amount of money. It could take 2 to 5 days before the receiver can get their money in the US. There is a minimum amount, and there is no need for confirmation and an amount of money where verification is crucial to have the money delivered. There are money transfer providers that try to send your money fast but will let you know of any delays and give you feedback.


There is a money transfer provider that can send your money to the US with the first three transfers free. This can give you a lot of savings, and you should try to send as much, so you can use the opportunity to send more money without the fees. Other money transfer providers charge a fee from KRW 2500 or 5,000 and even higher depending on the transfer option. When using a bank to transfer money from South Korea to the US, the fees vary from KRW 7000 to 32,000 and higher. It will also depend on the bank that you will use for your transfer transaction.


Sending from South Korea to the US is possible as long as you know what you need to remember, such as the difference in the exchange rate, the transfer fees, swiftness of the delivery, and the restriction on the amount that you are only allowed to transfer overseas. The local banks are implementing rules on the maximum money transfer that is allowed per transaction. However, when using banks, if you are to visit the bank personally and not use the online transaction to remit money, there is a higher limit for the amount you can transfer.

Send money to the United States with the bank

The banks in South Korea are also keen on fighting fraud and money laundering. They have place limits and regulations in place. There is a limit for overseas money transfer and if it is an online process. It is best to know your option before you send your money online. You should also talk with any bank personnel to gauge whether you need to go to the bank and do the transaction face to face if you need to send a higher amount of money.

Transfer using banks can take 2 to 3 banking days. If there are any issues with the receiving bank or country, it could take longer than that. Minimum is 5-days and the maximum waiting period is up to a week. The difficulty of sending money or finishing the delivery is when there is huge money involved. If there are banks that can do the transactions faster then you should go to that bank and transact with them instead. Particularly during an emergency when you need to send money fast.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

Most of the money transfer providers have many offices worldwide, and why transacting with them is easy. They also have higher currency exchange, lower transfer fees, and they can deliver the money faster. They are also present online, so if you need to do the money transfer online then that is also possible.

Many money transfer companies can help you with the transaction, you only need to pick one that you think can be more beneficial. What you need to remember is finding a money transfer provider that makes you save on fees, provides you with higher currency exchange, delivers the money on time, and secures that money you entrusted with them.

It is not going to be an issue cause most money remittance companies are reputable, and they will take care of your money and make sure that it will reach the recipient on time.


It will depend on your preference whether you will choose a bank or a money remittance company to help you with your money transfer requirements. Both have their advantage and disadvantage, and you need to weigh what is more important to your money transfer requirements.

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