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Send Money to Japan from United States (USA)

Transferring money from the United States (USA) to Japan is not a hard feat nowadays as there are numerous ways to do so besides just sending it via bank transfer. You will not run out of options, and you can take your pick.

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Duration: Send Money from the United States (USA) to Japan

Send Money to Japan from United States (USA)Sending money from the United States (US) to Japan may take a few hours, others can even receive the money in real-time. Some can receive money between 2 to 5 days.


When you send money through a bank, they usually have a percentage for the transfer fee and will depend on how much you will send.

When you transfer money using a remittance company, they have a transfer fee that starts from two dollars to ten dollars. Other companies charge more.

Sending money now is not just limited to a bank transfer, as there are remittance companies that flourish throughout the years. The competition nowadays is in the quickest way the money will be received and which company offers the lowest transfer rates.

Transfer money from the United States to Japan with the bank

Many people are still not complacent with using a remittance company and would rather use bank transfer even with the large amount of transfer fees.

Some issues with using the bank to transfer money are the slow transfer time, some can even take three banking days compared to lesser days for transfer companies.

Sometimes there are issues with the receiving bank that you still need to contact the sender and have them checked what happened to the money transfer.

If there is incorrect information as well will delay the receipt of the money. You must double-check the correct spelling of the recipient’s name before you send the money.

Send money to Japan with a money transfer provider

Using a money transfer provider is the easiest way to send money nowadays compared to bank transfer.
There is also legit checking, such as showing your ID when sending money to Japan, especially when you are sending a larger amount.

You can go to any money transfer company that has branches in Japan, so that the receiver will be able to receive the money conveniently.

You may also opt to use an online money transfer where you can create an online account, and you can log in. You can pay by using a credit card, or you can transfer funds from your bank.

If you are to use a credit card to send money, there is a corresponding percentage that the company will charge as a transmittal fee.

Your recipient can have the money transferred to her bank account, they can get the money from any branch affiliated with the online money transfer, or they can even encash money from the bank. There is also another online transfer company where the money can be directly delivered to the house of the recipient and is called a door-to-door money delivery.

This is safer since the money will be delivered directly, and the receiver will only need to show some ID for legit checking.

You also have the option of whether you want to send the money in United States (US) currency or the recipient will receive it in Yen.

Before you send money, though, you need to make sure of the exchange rate, so you’ll know how much your recipient will receive on their end.

Also, use a licensed money transmitter only before you send your hard-earned money to anyone. Most of the money transfer company, whether online or those with a physical branch, also have updates that they will send to your email or via text message. You will know whether the money you transferred has been delivered or picked up by the recipient, so it updates you once it is received safely.

If there are issues with the money you have transferred, there are also customer service numbers that you can call to follow up and inquire about what happened to your money transfer.


Before there are limited ways of sending money from one country to another, now the only issue is picking the most reputable money transfer company to send your money and the most affordable.

Not to mention a company that will make sending money very convenient for you and to the receiver.

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