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Send Money to Montenegro from the United States (USA)

Send Money to Montenegro from the United States (USA)Montenegro is a country that is located in the Baltic Sea area. It is a small country, but it has a good flow of visitors that make an influx of people both tourists and businesses, so it will always be necessary to make an international transfer.

Tourists may run out of money and need a loan from a relative, or someone who has had to emigrate to work and sends the part of the money they do not need to survive and that their relatives can buy what they need. there, for example.

For this, we have several possibilities, we can send that money through a bank, but also through transfer providers, in this way we will do it safely, but certain factors must be taken into account to decide which is the best possibility of both.

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Send money from the United States to Montenegro with the bank.

First of all, we must point out the bank, it is possible to make a transfer through a bank, for this, the following steps must be followed:

  • You must have all the data of the person who is going to receive that money. These data have to do with the name, surname, and especially the bank account, which is where that money will end up.
  • You should go to a bank branch where you want to start sending that transfer.
  • With your agent, you will fill in the data and send that money, you can make it cash, or by transfer.
  • The receipt of that money will be made through a transfer to that bank account in question.

Duration and costs of money transfer to Montenegro

To know if we should choose this option to send our money, we must take into account the duration of the transfer and the expenses that may arise from it. In the case of the duration, it should be noted that it takes 1 day and 1 week, although it will depend on the banks that have to pass, and when they make it possible.

In the case of the price, we must take into account the number of banks that that money is going to pass through, since the more banks that have to pass, the more commissions will have to be paid, so it can be very expensive, also, it is possible that there are banks that have agreements with that country, so the commissions will be lower in these quantities, in general, these commissions will be around 30-50 dollars approximately.

Transfering money to Montenegro with a money transfer provider

This is another of the options to be able to send money to Montenegro from United States. The steps to follow are those:

  • You must have personal data at hand such as the name and surname or the address of the person who is going to receive this money.
  • You have several possibilities to do it, you can go through a place of your transfer provider, or do it through their app or their website. In all cases, you must fill in the form with the amount to be allocated and the personal data that we have collected before. This money can come from a debit or credit card, along with a bank account.
  • Afterwards, we will verify that everything is correct and we will choose the form of collection. It can be at home, in cash at a specific collection point within Montenegro, or through bank transfer.
  • If everything is correct, we will make it effective and it will be done.

To know if we should choose this option, we must take into account some factors such as how long that money transfer will be effective or the cost of the expenses that occur when sending it. Regarding the time of effectiveness, it can be in minutes if you are going to collect them in 1-2 days if the receipt is through a bank transfer. In the case of the price, we must emphasize that the expenses are much lower than if we do it with a bank, the prices will vary depending on the transfer provider, but in general, they usually range between approximately 4-10 dollars.


In conclusion, according to what we have been analyzing, the best way to send money from the United States to Montenegro is to use a transfer provider, this is due to the convenience of being able to do it from your home, even from your mobile phone. of the duration of the transfer itself, since that money can be available in minutes, together with the price, which is much cheaper than in the case of banks.

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