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Send Money to Norway from the United States (USA)

Send Money to Norway from the United States (USA)Norway is a Nordic country that is part of the Scandinavia region and a well-known country with a Viking Heritage.

The thing about Norway is that they are one of the world’s most expensive countries to visit. What if you need to send money to someone who has been visiting the place and suddenly run out of money? You need not worry cause sending money to Norway is easier than you thought.

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Duration: Send Money from the United States (USA) to Norway

Well, the good thing is your recipient can get hold of the money fast. They can even have it in an hour. If you use other ways though, it may take a day up to two days.


You may be charged anywhere between $3 to $9 per transaction. The good thing is, there are online transfers that may not charge you for a certain amount.

The most common way of sending money is still using bank transfer. Your recipient can get it from the number of banks that are in Norway and, at the same time, safe. It has its advantage and disadvantage, and it is the same with money transfer providers.

Transfer money from the United States to Norway with the bank

Using interbank transfer is more convenient if the recipient has a bank account in Norway. This is more convenient for them to get the money, plus they don’t have to worry about how safe it is most, especially if you send them an enormous amount of cash.

You may have to think twice since banks charge a steep fee for transferring money, plus they don’t have a very competitive foreign exchange rate.

But you still have to check cause banks differ, and they have various ways to serve their clients.

Transfer money to Norway with a money transfer provider

Numerous money transfer providers abound in Norway. You can have your pick quickly, you can also ask the help of the recipient on how they want to receive the money and where.

If you are to choose the best money transfer provider there is, there are some factors you have to keep in mind.

Use a money transfer company that has a convenient service. Check if there is an online transfer of money, so you need not make an effort to go out and find a shop to send your money to Norway.

Do research online as well with the different available options. Do not just pick one that says they are the fastest, or they give the highest exchange rate. Some even say they don’t charge any fees, but it will surprise you when there are hidden fees after.

Some money transfer companies will not charge you any fees, but will try to level it by having a low exchange rate.

How long can they process the money transfer? This is important as well cause if the recipient needs the money for emergencies and such, you should pick the transfer company that can do it the fastest.

There are ways on how you can pay, this is via debit card or credit card. There is a difference when you pay using a credit card because you will be charged more for transfer fees compared to using a debit card.

See if these money transfer companies have a limit and how much? You need to ask this before sending money cause sometimes they have a limit, and it won’t do if you need to send a vast amount of money.

Most of the money transfer providers in the USA also have an office in Norway, so this should be something that helps.


There are money transfer companies that have an office in Norway that offers cash pickup as well, so for those who prefer to just pick it up or if they don’t have any bank account, this should be their option.

Some thought bank transfer to be the safest way to transfer money, and it is the easiest, but now there are many ways to have the money transferred.

If you are not sure how to go about the money transfer, you can research online cause most of these money transfer companies also have reviews from those who have used their services. This should help you to come up with a decision if needed.

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