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Send Money to Turkey from the United States (USA)

Send Money to Turkey from the United States (USA)Turkey is a country that is situated between the continents of Europe and Asia. There are a large number of occasions in which we have to send donors from the United States to Turkey, it may be for work reasons, that is, there are people who have had to emigrate to the American country and want to send that money to their relatives in Turkey. Or because you are on vacation and they need money because whatever circumstance has occurred that has ended the savings that have been brought there.

For this reason, from the Internet, these transfers can be made without problems, although we must trust the web pages that offer us the security we need to carry it out, since, with current advances, there are people who can do with your bank details To rob you, therefore, we must find the best way to make this transfer without endangering our security. To choose the best way we will take into account factors such as the duration of it or the money it costs us to make that transfer.

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Transfer money from the United States to Turkey with the bank

One of the most important ways we have to send money from the United States to Turkey is to use a bank. Normally we would use our trust bank, for this, you must do the following steps:

  • Have all the personal and bank details of the person who is going to receive this money.
  • You should go to a branch of that bank and with the help of your agent, you will have to fill out a form and authorize that transfer.

That money will be sent to another bank account in that country so that the recipient can travel it.
The time it will take for this transfer to become effective will depend on the banks that have to pass that transfer or on the international agreements that both countries have in financial matters, so if they take place the time will be less than if they do not exist. In normal conditions, the transfer will take between 1-2 days minimum, up to a maximum of 1 week.

If we talk about the expenses that can occur, they will also depend on the banks that have to manage the money, the more banks, the more expenses we will have, these expenses are called commissions, the amount to be paid oscillates between 30-50 dollars.

Transfer money to Turkey with a money transfer provider

Another way that exists to send that money is to use a transfer provider, especially if we have Internet in our house.
To do this, you must do the following:

  • Have the personal data of the person who is going to receive this money transfer.
  • Now you can go to a branch related to these providers, either from your computer or from any device with the internet. You must be registered with any of the companies you use.
  • You will enter your account and start a new money transfer.
  • You will put or give the dependent that you take care of that personal data, along with the amount to be transferred. Also, you have to have an account from where you will get your money, it can be from the bank, from a credit or debit card, or in cash if you are in one of those branches.
  • To finish, you have to verify that everything is correct and I will accept so that this transfer can be carried out without problems.
  • Once this is complete, the receiver will be able to obtain his money with a code that the person who sends it will provide the receiver and the identification card of the country in which he is.

Duration of money transfer to Turkey

The duration of this transfer will depend first on the method you use to send that money, that is, in a branch or online, and on the method of collection, since if it is collected at another authorized branch in the country or sent to your home, or even in the bank transfer. In normal conditions, the time will be between minutes and 2 days.
The costs with these transfer providers decrease notably since there will be no type of intermediary, only the provider itself. Thus, these costs will range between 2 and 10 dollars, depending on the provider you choose.


In conclusion, With all the above analyzed, we have concluded that the best way to send money from the United States to Turkey is to use a transfer provider since both the time it takes to make that transfer effective and the costs of the same, which are quite less than if we do it with a bank.

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