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Sendvalu United States Review – Send Money Comparison

Sendvalu United States Review - Send Money ComparisonIt is a company that specializes in money transfer all over the world. Sendvalu is a Financial Institution that was licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services. Their mother company is located in Switzerland.

Sendvalu: 97% VERY GOOD



Sendvalu has low cost fees with current exchange rates. During business hours, the recipient will receive the money from Sendvalu within 48 hours.

Send Money with Sendvalu
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Sendvalu review

Sendvalu comes highly recommended because of the following:

  1. Ease of use – many customers have reviewed the said service and were far satisfied. They gave a high score and good reviews because they say Sendvalu app is easy to use.
  2. Customer Support – The Sendvalu’s customer support most of the time answer questions and inquiries of the customer, and if they have any issue with the money they send they usually contact customer support to get help and were satisfied with the help they get.
  3. Pricing – the pricing of Sendvalu according to some is just right and is not priced too high.
  4. Quality – so far many customers are satisfied with the money remittance company.

Service can now be found worldwide with 104,000 locations. They are available in 69 countries.

What can you do with Sendvalu?

It is an online money transfer where your recipient can get the money within 24 to 48 hours. It is quite easy to send money and no hassle whatsoever. Just use your personal computer, tablet or smartphone to transact.

Just sign up to their app in just a few easy steps, get verified then follow the step by step guide in sending money to your loved ones. You may do so for a minimal fee and fair charges. Your recipient can choose whether to have the money picked up, can be via bank transfer or even be delivered to their home.


Sendvalu has been registered as a Financial Institution under AWS Malta LTD in 2016. They are now under the Banking Rules and Regulations of the Switzerland law.

Now, with a huge presence in over 104 locations worldwide and can be found in 69 countries and counting. They have been innovating for many years for the ease and affordability of money transfer.

Sendvalu Money Transfer

Money transfer that is done online, fast, straightforward and hassle-free. Sendvalu is best for people who have loved ones abroad and will send money to them fast. People who need a reliable and fast money transfer.

How does it work?

First – sign up with your email address, create and confirm your password. You will be asked to verify your account, which would not take over 24 hours.

Second – if you will send money, just click on ‘send money’ that you can find at the top of their menu (upper right-hand corner of the Sendvalu app dashboard).

Third – complete your transfer details such as the country of your recipient, choose the transfer type (same day, cash pick-up or via bank transfer), and then the details of your recipient to complete the transaction. They will provide you a summary before the transaction’s completion e.g. how much service charge, etc.

You and your recipient will get a notification by email as well as a text message when money is sent/ received.

Payment is via card (Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron or Union pay

How much does Sendvalu charge for every transaction?

Sendvalu just charges a minimal fee for every transaction. They have a real-time exchange rate available as well.

What are the advantages of using Sendvalu for money transfer?

Their pricing is just right, they charge a minimal fee for their service. They have good customer support that you can contact via their contact number or you can email them and send a message via Facebook messenger.

Sendvalu also has a money-back guarantee that when the money you transferred cannot be transferred at the recipient’s bank, the money that you sent will be returned to your account within 24 hours.

Are there any disadvantages to using Sendvalu?

According to some reviews, Sendvalu exchange rate may not be the highest in the market. There is an instance that they send money and it was not processed at their recipient’s end (must be because of the different policy from recipient’s receiving country).

Is Sendvalu safe?

They have invested in their security techniques by making sure they will not compromise the data forwarded by their client. They have put in place bank-grade security with advanced technology. All information is transferred using the SSL aka SECURE SOCKET LAYER, 128-bit encryption.

Sendvalu only uses the safest channels for data transfer. They make it a point not to ask for any sensitive information or data via Skype or email. They instead use a way where information will be passed along securely to Sendvalu.

Sendvalu has just placed a security measure where credit card transactions were filtered and channeled through their 3D secure-system that provides additional protection against internet vultures or what you call scammers.

There are a lot of good ratings you can find on the internet about Sendvalu, they have been well on their promise to bring about positive and great service to their client. Out of almost 3000 reviews, they got 94% and a rating of 4.7 ratings. They have been currently assisting, supporting and coordinating with the Nonviolence Organization that provides help with education and life improvement to children and other social projects that mean most to them.

They have a promo where all you have to do is refer a friend or a family member to them and you will earn 20 euro. That is if you like their service and were satisfied. Sendvalu has a presence in the following countries such as in North and Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Sendvalu always makes sure to improve their services, thereby ensuring that they will stay on top of the industry. They have been continuously finding ways on how they can make their customers satisfied. They offer promotions from time to time or moments where you will get a discount for every transaction for a certain month or a certain occasion.

Sendvalu: 97% VERY GOOD



Sendvalu has low cost fees with current exchange rates. During business hours, the recipient will receive the money from Sendvalu within 48 hours.

Send Money with Sendvalu
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