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Best money transfer to Brazil • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to BrazilTraveling can be a part of your business if you are having international clients. If you need to meet them frequently or if there is a special request from their side to meet them then you cannot afford to say no and you sometimes might need to travel in short notice, depending upon the situation.

But what about your family in Brazil? You cannot jut let them wait till you come back. What if they need money immediately for some urgent purposes.

Yes you would have thought of all contingencies but there might a be a situation where they might need urgent money.

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What will you do then? Imagine you are getting a news of urgent need of money for your family and the country and it is midnight at the country where you are at present. What are your options?

  • Wait till the bank opens up the next day
  • Ask your friend to lend the money to your family
  • Transfer money from a money transfer provider

The first option is out of question. You can go for a second option but not sure whether that will materialize or not. But the third option is there for you and you can avail it anytime you want. You can always contact Best-Money Transfer Services and we will help you get the best and cheapest option to transfer your money to your bank back in Brazil.

It is an online service which helps you find the best and cheapest transfer provider who can help you send the money without any hassles in a quick way and that too in a cheaper rate.

How can I send money to Brazil?

There are many ways to send money to Brazil. With the globalization of the world and world being a global market all banks and money transfer providers will be happy to help you with your money transfer. But what is it that you need to consider while sending your money?

The following points need to be considered while you chose how to transfer your money:

  • Time taken to send the money
  • Simplicity of procedure
  • Cost of sending money
  • Availability of center/financial institution

You can always go to a nearby bank and send your money but does it take care of all the points mentioned below? It is not available 24 by 7. You need to take care of a lot of formalities and fill a lot of forms. Simply stated it is not user friendly.

It will take a minimum of 24 to 32 hours before it reaches your bank in Brazil and if it is night time there then it will reflect in your account the next day morning. On top of that the most important point is the cost of transferring money through bank is very high.

On the contrary if you chose Money transfer Provider then you do not need to go through the hassles of documentation, it is a simple and can be done online. Money transfer provided chooses the right provider for you which transfer your money quickly and is cheap too and does not burn your pocket.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Brazil?

The cost of transfer differs based on a few factors like rate of commission, amount to be transferred ( there is a cap up to which if transferred the rate is very low), fees for transferring the money and the exchange rate at the time of money transfer from the country you are transferring the money to Brazil.

Based on all these factors the cost is determined. The best way to know the cost you can contact the customer care of Money transfer and they will help you with various provider options from which you can chose the best and the cheapest.

Duration of a money transfer to Brazil

This again depends upon the money transfer provider that you choose but usually it happens within a few hours from the time you choose the provider online and complete the transferring procedure.

One the provider gets the approval from your bank the money is transferred immediately. So if everything is ok then it should not take more than a few hours before the money is transferred to your account.

Comparison to various options available

If you ask your friends they will always suggest to transfer money through bank. As per them bank transfer of money is always the safest and the best option. Yes it was but not there are other ways and mechanisms that have developed to help you send your money to Brazil in a faster and cheaper mode.

And when there are options available that are ready to help you send your money to your near and dear ones in Brazil then why not avail it? Why always go through the old method and lose both time and money and always worry and chase your bank whether the money is received or not.