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Best money transfer to Bulgaria • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to BulgariaIncreasing your business all around the world is the optimal dream of any businessman. But business runs on money. Your unit cannot function properly if it does not have the funds required to run the day to day operations. And running day to day operations smoothly requires adequate funds to be available in the unit.

If you have a unit in Bulgaria then you need to make sure that your center there has enough money in advance to make sure that you do not need to worry about sudden decrease in cash flow and having to transfer money immediately.

Yes bank is there for transferring money but is that a good and the only option to send money to your center in Bulgaria? Are there other options available for money transfer?

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You need to have a cot effect mode of transferring money to your bank in Bulgaria. When you are transferring money on a regular basis and incurring extra cost to send money ( which is usually the case for bank transfer) then bank is not a viable option for you to transfer money.

Then what is the other option available? You can try money transfer provider to see what are the best options available for you to send money to your office in Bulgaria. Money transfer provider will help you with quick transfer of money in the cheapest possible manner and it is safe and reliable too.

Moreover it is available online and is very user friendly. So you can complete your transaction at the leisure of your home and not need to worry about the technicalities of sending money.

How can I send money to Bulgaria?

As discussed earlier you have many options to send money to your branch in Bulgaria:

  • You can use the old method of sending money through bank which is also known s bank transfer
  • You can use third party providers which are available in plenty in the market
  • You can choose money transfer provider to send your money in a safe cheap and quick mode.
  • If you go for the first option of sending money through bank or simply put go for bank transfer then you end up loosing on two counts.
  • First is the cost which is high for every transaction
  • Second is time taken to transfer the money which is an important factor when sending money for business requirements. So it is is very clear that this is not a very viable option

The second option is the number of third party vendors available in the market. They promise a lot but it is anybody’s guess whether they fulfill all their promises. There is always a fine print of conditions applied which is not highlighted while providing the services.

And when it comes to financial dealings there should be no fine prints of conditions applied and everything should be in black and white and in clear mode.

So what is the most feasible option left for you? It obviously the option of using money transfer provider which is very transparent, helps you in each and every step to search the cheapest provider
and very user friendly. Moreover there is no cap of sending money and the number of times you can send money to the preferred destination which in this case is surely Bulgaria.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Bulgaria?

The cost of sending money to Bulgaria through bank is very high as this is the mode of income for commercial banks. They feed on the charges that they charge to their customers. Many hidden charges which are never explained are added which makes money transfer through bank very costly.

But through money transfer provider it is cheaper and you will no the charges that are being added for transferring the money. It will differ from provider to provider based upon the country, exchange rate and the amount that is being transferred. So to know the exact rate it is better to go online and check the exact cost. Yes it is an online tool which will help you chose the provider which suits your budget.

Duration of a money transfer to Bulgaria

It is a no brainer that if money is through bank it takes takes anywhere between two to three days and if the amount is higher and frequent then with all the required approvals it can take longer.

Third party provider can differ and there is no guarantee of how many days it takes to transfer.

Money transfer provider delivers to its promise of sending money withing a few hours of transferring the money to your destination bank, in this case your bank in Bulgaria.

Comparison to various options available

Money in bank is of no use if it is not accessible that too when it comes to running a successful business around the globe. You need to be able to send money to any part of the world, specially to Bulgaria in order to make maximum use of the money that you have.

And transferring of money to Bulgaria should be swift safe and cost effective. So the best mode of money transfer in this case is money transfer provider.