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Best money transfer to Cambodia • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Cambodia • Cost, duration, comparisonMaking a money transfer to Cambodia is very easy and can be done very quickly, although certain factors must be taken into account to be able to choose not only between two possibilities, but also within each of the specialized companies.

Of course, you should keep in mind that both the possibility, and the company that you choose, must have the best requirements that adapt to the needs of both the person sending the money and the recipient himself. For example, it is not the same that money is needed immediately or you can wait a bit.

For this reason, in this article we are going to address all these issues and we will help you to know what you have to do to carry it out.

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How can I send money to Cambodia?


You must take into account what you have to do to send that money internationally, so you have to follow the following steps:

  • Create an account. You can do this online, at the bank office or at the headquarters of the company you are going to use. You need the contact information, along with the identification or the bank account details.
  • Details of the transaction: you must say or put if you do it online the amount of the transition, along with the currency.
  • Receiver details: here the contact details of the recipient enter, in addition to the bank account or identification.
  • Finish the transaction: you must pay the fees or commissions necessary to complete the transfer.


One of the possibilities we have to send money abroad is to use a bank.

If we talk about the bank’s treatment of transfers, we can talk about national transfers and international transfers. So the treatment that is given to the transfer itself is going to depend on whether there is any type of financial agreement to be more or less expensive.

But if there is no agreement between countries, the treatment will be international, so the commissions to be paid are very expensive.

So it is usually cheaper to use a company specialized in these types of procedures.

Money transfer provider

The second possibility we have to make this transfer is the transfer company. To know which one is the best, we have to take into account some factors that will adapt to the requirements that are compatible with the needs.

These factors are:

  • Exchange rates: a cheaper rate will favor the reception, since you will receive more money. So it will be more advisable to choose the lowest rates.
  • Fees: you have to check the money charged for making transfers. This is because this type of transfers can be expensive, even larger than the transaction itself.
  • Transfer methods: there are several methods to do it, it can be online, with the application or in person at some of these companies’ headquarters.
  • Limits: many companies set certain minimum and maximum limits to make shipments, so on many occasions this prevents us from doing it in that company or not.
  • Collection methods: it is also something that can limit whether or not to choose the company. It can be through a bank account, at home or in cash.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Cambodia

The cost of this type of transaction will depend on the collection point, how you enter the transfer and the time it takes.

In this way, if for example we want to send 100 dollars to Cambodia, we can choose any collection point, the way to enter the money and the time it takes will be the same rate, about 4 dollars approximately.

So, you can get an idea of the cheapest way to make the shipment.

It should also be noted, the value of the currency between the United States (which is where the example has been calculated) and the currency used in Cambodia, since that value is lower, so for them it is a lot of money.

Duration of a money transfer to Cambodia

The time it takes for the transfer to take effect will vary depending on the collection method you have chosen.

With this premise, if the collection is going to be made in cash, the time it takes is as much as a minute, that is, instantly.

But if a bank account is made, the time it takes is days, to which it is necessary to add what it takes for the bank to make the operation effective.

For this reason, it is important to choose the company well, since on many occasions we do not look at this and it may take longer for our money to be received.

Thus, our receiver can receive the money as quickly and as cheaply as possible to cover the needs or pay for the services that have been contracted.

Conclusion on the money transfer to Cambodia comparison

Therefore, if you want to make a transfer abroad and in this case to Cambodia you have to first follow a few steps to create an account either in a bank or in a company specialized in making transfers of an international nature, then you must give the details of Docha transfer, also the contact information that the receiver has so that he can collect it, on many occasions you have a receipt that you will have to pass to the receiver so that he can acquire it, finally, you have to pay the corresponding fees or commissions.

To carry out all this, there are two possibilities, one of them is the bank, but depending on the type of transfer that is, the commissions can be very expensive, this makes it less profitable to send the money by this means. The second possibility is the transfer companies, these offer you several possibilities to be able to do it, so you must make a comparison with the personal requirements and choose the one that best suits.

In addition, these types of companies are very comfortable, since you can do it from your home, only with a computer or a mobile phone with internet access.