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Best money transfer to China • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer online services to ChinaIf you are into import and export business then the chances of you having clients in China is very high. It is great to have clients in China from whom you buy electronic goods and sell it in the local market in your country.

But import and export to be completed as a transaction there is an involvement of a very big component and the name of that component is money.

Money needs to be transferred and transferred in time for you to be able to purchase the product. If money is not transferred in time then you cannot purchase and import the product and by the time the product comes to the market there is a high probability of your product becoming obsolete.

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Being a businessman that is a risk you cannot afford to take. The only way you can pay your clients in China is to transfer money from your country to the client in China.

Will you opt to go for Bank transfer? Remember both time and money are of essence. You need to make sure that money is transferred in time and you do not spend a lot in transferring the money.

So if transferring money through bank is not the right option then which financial institution can your turn to? Have you tried money transfer provider? An online provider which is very efficient, fast and is lot cheaper than the bank transfer.

You have various options to chose from and the whole process is so simple that once you start using this process you will simply not want to use any other option to transfer your money to China. So when you have a feasible option then why try any other third party (about which I have not even mentioned till now) or bank to transfer money to China?

How can I send money to China?

  • Before searching for an answer to this question you have first ask yourself how would your clients in China want to receive money from your?
  • Would they like to go for bank transfer where they have to wait for a few days to get the money and might also incur some fees for receiving the money?
  • Or would you like to give them the option for some third party which might not be safe and might also be very time consuming and costly?
  • Or would you like to send money through a convenient mode which is both cheaper and faster?

If you ask your self the above questions and give your self the options mentioned above and then chose the third option. That is the option of sending money through money transfer provider then you have already answered your own question.

You can go online fill the details provided and chose from the options given in money transfer provider to chose the cheapest and best provider. That is what you need to do from your side. Rest will be done by money transfer provider and the provider chosen by you. Your money will be transferred without any hassles.

How much does it cost to transfer money to China?

Transferring money through bank costs a lot because we all know commercial bank charge exorbitant money by adding various charges for transferring money. It also adds charges for service being provided whether it is normal transfer or instant transfer or speed transfer.

Based upon the type of transfer, and the amount and the exchange rate the charges are levied upon you.But the providers that are listen in Money transfer provider are very cost effective and cheap and do not add any additional charges for transferring your money.

Duration of a money transfer to China

Bank transfer happens anywhere between 24 hours to one week. That means it takes around 24 hours to one week for your money to be transferred from your country to the bank in China.

But if the transfer is done through money transfer provider, which we have already discussed is a very safe option to transfer money, your money is transferred in few hours from the time you have completed the formalities from your side. Yes you have read it right. It is really so fast and effective and you can trust money transfer provider to every time send money to your client in China.

Comparison to various options available

We need to make sure that all comparisons should be done when both the sides are equal in all aspects. If there are massive differences then it will be like comparing apple and oranges. Similarly the comparison between money transfer provider transfixing option and bank transfer option is like comparing apple and oranges.

So instead of comparing both method of money transfer let us try to see which is a better option when it comes to sending money to China. And if you ask me then as per my opinion money transfer provider will be ten times out ten times the best option to transfer money.