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Best money transfer to Ghana • Cost, duration, comparison

The Best Money Transfer Service to GhanaSending of money to Ghana has currently been easy due to the existence of several money transfer providers in the country. For those who have their loved ones in Ghana or are doing business, there are several means you can use to send money to Ghana within the shortest time possible.

Ghana’s currency is Cedi (GHS). It is good to note that Ghana has strict transfer regulations that were enacted in 2014 to prevent Cedi from declining.

For example, direct transfers between two foreign accounts are prohibited in Ghana and there is a maximum over the counter withdrawal limit as 1,000 USD.

After reading this article you will be able to identify the best and the cheapest way of transferring money to Ghana.

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How can I send money to Ghana?

There are various payment facilities available for anyone who would like to send money to their loved in Ghana depending on the country the individual initiates the transfer from.

Individuals tend to choose money transfer companies based on their exchange rates, turn-around time and transfer fees among other several factors. Sending money to Ghana has been easier than ever before since most payment facilities have online portals or even mobile apps that you can use to initiate the money transfers to your beneficiary in Ghana.


Just like other African countries high taxation by Ghanaian government for any foreign income for Ghanaian residents pushes the banks to offer poor exchange rates to the people of Ghana. Poor exchange rates make money transfer to Ghana to be very expensive since a lot of money is wasted in the exchange process.

Another factor that makes bank transfers to Ghana expensive is that big and widely use banks are few, therefore, they are able to offer poor exchange rates since there is no any form of competitive competition in the Banking industry.

Money transfer provider

There are several money transfer providers that will help you transfer money to your family, friends or even business partners in Ghana.

These providers offer competitive services to win the majority of customers who would like to send money not only to Ghana but to other parts of the world.

Below is a list of money transfer providers that can help you deliver that transfer to your beneficiary in Ghana:

  • Azimo
  • Wise
  • Currency Fair
  • WorldRemit
It has no transfer limit and transfers are only done online. It has cheap and affordable transfer fees depending on the speed of transfer the sender has chosen.
It has cheap transfer rates of about 15.61USD for 500 USD transfer.
The money transfers can be done or via the mobile app. It charges a wire fee of about 3 USD.
The transfer limit stats fro 1 USD to 2000USD and money transfers can only be done online.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Ghana

Each company has a uniques transfer cost scheme which they usually use during their money transfers. Most individuals will like to settle for providers with low transfer costs. Therefore, before choosing a money transfer company it is good to analyze the available options and transfer cost for each company so that you can choose the best company with the cheapest cost to transfer money to Ghana.

Here is a brief overview of what the following companies will charge when you want to transfer money to Ghana.


WorldRemit will always give you free money transfer for the first three transfers by using the code 3REE. Thereafter they will always charge an average of 7.99USD per ever transfer made to Ghana.


They will charge you about 4 USD for every transfer made to Ghana


  • Azimo will charge between 1-12 USD depending on the speed of transfer chosen.


  • This bank will charge you around 41 USD for your money transfer to Ghana.


  • With TransFast you will be able to make money transfer to Ghana for free.


  • If you decide to use MoneyGram for your transfer to Ghana you will need around 4 USD as transfer cost.

Duration of a money transfer to Ghana

The turnaround time is a very important aspect to consider before deciding to use a particular money transfer provider due to various reasons. In most cases, preference is given to providers who offer the shortest turnaround time.

Below is an overview of how long it will take for the money to be delivered or available for your beneficiary.


Depending on the used payment method the beneficiaries can get their transfer within 12 hours if the amount is debited or credited to their accounts

Direct bank payment will take 3-5 days. While bank transfer is always available within 12 hours.


With WorldRemit individual beneficiaries have the privilege to access the transfer within 24 hours.


If you use MoneyGram your beneficiary will receive the money transferred within minutes

Conclusion on the money transfer to Ghana comparison

Despite various restricts and regulations pertaining to foreign money transfer to Ghana, it is true that sending money to Ghana has become very easy today as compared to the recent past.

There are several effective and efficient companies that an individual can choose from to help them transfer money to their beneficiaries in Ghana. Some of these providers make it possible and easy to send money to Ghana for beneficiaries who do not even have bank accounts.

A good example is MoneyGram, which offers cash pick-up at the nearest agent location next to your beneficiary. Indeed sending money to Ghana is currently easy and affordable.