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Best money transfer to Ireland • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to IrelandArranging international money transfer to Ireland using banks in both countries can be very expensive due to poor exchange rates and extra cost that the two banks will charge you.

In this scenario, therefore, it is a good idea to look for a third party money transfer provider that can help you initiate your transfer to Ireland. There is a good number of third-party money transfer companies that will offer you cheap transfer cost with short turnaround time as compared to traditional money transfer through the banks.

Comparison: Best Transfer Money to Ireland




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  • Wise is a very good provider for overseas transfers. The transfers are easy, convenient and secure. The most important thing is that the transfers are also much cheaper than with the bank.

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  • Save up to 90% compared to banks. No hidden costs. Large selection of countries.



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  • A world-class customer service, very good exchange rates and permanently favorable transfers abroad and to Germany convince. Only downside is the small selection of countries.
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How can I send money to Ireland

You can easily avoid the expensive and very slow bank transfer option if you want to send money to Ireland by choosing an international money transfer provider that will help you transfer funds from an international account to your beneficiary with an Irish bank account.

The foreign exchange companies like CurrencyFair and Wise can relieve you the burden of paying those expensive bank rates.


Today it is easy to send money to Ireland from most parts of the world since there are several companies which can assist you with your money transfer. Choosing a reputable company which offers the best services makes money transfer very easy.

Therefore, before choosing a money transfer provider to assist you with your money transfer to Ireland of either personal or business reasons it is ideal you familiarize yourself with some aspects of the chosen company such as transfer cost involved in sending a given amount of money, extra costs that you will incur, the turnaround time and options of payment available.

Some of the great companies that will perfectly help you with your money transfer to Ireland are; CurrencyFair, Wise, WesternUnion, and PayPal.

Bank (is expensive)

I am sure you do not want to incur extra costs which are unnecessary and avoidable if you opt for other cheaper and more convenient money transfer options which are available.

Poor exchange rates of banks as compared to other money transfer providers and the extra costs that the banks do charge makes banks transfer more expensive as compared to their competitors who are offering money transfer services.

Money transfer provider

There is a good number of companies which can be very useful to you if you want to transfer money to Ireland. Due to their good reputation in the money transfer sector, they will always give you the best services.

Below is a list of money transfer providers that will be very useful if you want to initiate a money transfer to Ireland.

  • CurrenyFair
  • TrasferWise
  • PayPal
  • WesternUnion


This money transfer company offers a cheap, easy and a reliable way of sending money to Ireland. CurrencyFair is highly acceptable in Ireland since it is regulated by the Central bank of Ireland.


This is one of the cheapest options that you have in case you intend to transfer money to Ireland. This company is highly trusted by its customer, as this can be clearly be seen by its current rating which is 9.6/10. Another big plus to Wise is that it is accepted by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and it is also governed by European customer protection rules.


As long as your beneficiary has a PayPal account you can send them money from your PayPal account through the transaction costs of sending money using PayPal is very high.


This is also another reputable money transfer company that you can use for your money transfer to Ireland.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Ireland

By using these reputable and authentic third-party money transfer providers, you are in safe hands since you will have to spend very less amount as compared to what you could have paid for if you could have used a bank for initiate the transfer of money to Ireland.

Each money transfer company has its unique pricing for the transfer costs. Below is how the following money transfer providers are likely to charge you.

  • Wise

If it is your first time to transfer money to Ireland using Wise, they will transfer the money to your beneficiary for free for any amount not exceeding 3,000 USD. Wise offers a flat rate for all transactions to Ireland and this is likely to cost you about 8.30 USD.

  • WorldRemit

With WorldRemit you will make your first three money transfers to Ireland for free by using the code 3 Free. Thereafter you will be paying about 3.99 USD for any money transfer made to Ireland.

  • MoneyGram

MoneyGram will charge depending on the payment method used. For if you transfer the amount to your beneficiary Irish account it will cost you 20 USD for every transaction but if you choose cash pick at an agent location in Ireland you will have to pay 31 USD as the transaction fee. OFX, XE, and CurrenciesDirect will not charge you any fee at any time for all your money transfers to Ireland.

Duration of a money transfer to Ireland

A faster and reliable money transfer company will always the best option for many despite the extra costs it might cost. The turnaround period for this money transfer companies varies since some companies will avail the fund to your beneficiary within minutes, some within couples of hours while others will take up to five days for your beneficiaries to receive the funds.

It will take the following money transfer companies this indicated duration of time to deliver your transfer to your beneficiary.

  • Wise

The duration will fully depend on the payment option chosen. For Wise credit and debit card payment option, will take about 24 hours for the fund to be available to your beneficiary. For a bank transfer, it will take approximately 2 days while for direct payment it will take 3-5 days.

  • WorldRemit

It has to payment options which are credit and debit card payment options that will have a turnaround duration of 2 days.

  • MoneyGram

While using MoneyGram, cash pick-up at an agent location within Ireland will enable your beneficiary to receive the funds within minutes while the bank transfer option will avail the fund within 2 days.

  • OFX

OFX offers to transfer to an Irish bank account of your beneficiary and with this, your beneficiary will receive the cash in approximately two days.

  • xe

It allows for international bank transfer and it will always avail the cash to the receiver within 3-5 days.

  • CurrenciesDirect

It allows for money transfer to your beneficiary who has an Irish bank account and the fund are always available within 24 hours.

Conclusion on the money transfer to Ireland comparison

As you can see there are several companies that offer money transfer service to Ireland therefore, sending money to Ireland should no longer be stressful.

With the existing of these several third-party money transfer companies that can help you transfer money Ireland its time, you avoid bank to bank transfer to Ireland since it cost you a lot and their turnarounds are worse as compared to these third- party money transfer providers.