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Best money transfer to Jordan • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Jordan • Cost, duration, comparisonGlobal money transfer has become a common phenomenon with the introduction of internet services. This blog focuses on the various ways to send money to Jordan and gives a low down on the plus and minus of each channel.

The need for sending money to Jordan might be for various causes such as:


  • When you are to pay to your suppliers
  • If you are to remit to freelancers working from Jordan
  • When are importing commodities or equipment from Jordan
  • When you need to remit money back to your family in Jordan
  • If you are sourcing raw material from Jordan for your production needs

The list is by no means exhaustive but remittance for any purpose to Jordan is as fluent or complicated as any international money transfer.

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How to send money to Jordan?

Being a free country having normal trade and business relations with most countries in the world, it is quite easy to send money to Jordan in various channels available. We list the prominent and most used channels below for a clear comprehension.

The available avenues for money transfer to Jordan are:

  • Banks
  • International Money Order
  • PayPal
  • Money Transfer Agencies
Transferring money internationally through banks is an age-old practice and probably is the most common known avenue. Being the early bird, the banking system is well organized and has great checks and balances in place to ensure safety and security of all your international monetary transactions with Jordan. However, unfortunately banking network is known for its poor exchange rates, low level of service standards and a laid back working style which severely hampers timely deliveries of money to the recipients. Though banks are known for charging lesser transaction fee when you send money to Jordan, the above said factors shore up the costs and add up to delayed receipts and hence are not a lucrative choice for customers.
This channel is too is relatively old and was once a regularly used means to transfer money internationally. Like banking network, the international money order facility too is slow and will typically take a minimum of three working days, depending upon the originating country, and can defeat the purpose of urgency involved in such transactions. Ideally, this can be said to be the last option to send money to Jordan.
Electronic payment giant PayPal has a great network of associates and branches all over the world and provides a seamless transfer of money internationally. Unlike the two options discussed earlier (Banks and International Money Order), PayPal is swift and in most cases the transactions are concluded under 48 hours after initiation. However, this avenue has lots of formalities like linking to your bank account etc which makes it not an easy platform for one and all to send money to Jordan.
By far the most transparent and swift of all channels, the money transfer agencies affect money transfers in a flash. It is as easy as walking into a restaurant and ordering your favorite dish.

Since the number of money transfer agencies is many and the competition has ensured a great slash in rates to customers, it is advisable to make a thorough study of the various options before picking the right one for you to send money to Jordan.

  • Having completed that step, register and log in to the chosen money transfer agency website
  • Fill up your basic details like name and address with identity proof
  • Specify the amount you intend to send to Jordan
  • Mention the name, address and identity proof of the proposed recipient together with phone number
  • Click Send and the transaction is complete!

How much does it cost to send money to Jordan?

When compared to all the four channels available to send money to Jordan, Banks and International Money Order services are costly and at the same time slow. Money transfer agencies charge typically low handling charges and may not exceed 0.50% of the amount you send.

Duration of Money transfer to Jordan

Money transfer agencies are the fastest to remit money abroad. Banks and International Money Order as well as PayPal take longer time- 3 working days and above- to remit to the recipient. With money transfer agencies your cash is transferred across online in even less than 10 minutes.


Anyone can send money from any place to any remote part of the world, courtesy the omnipresent online services. It has shrunk the world into a global village with distances literally reduced to a few travel minutes as far as transferring money internationally is concerned. It makes more sense to go with the money transfer agencies than the traditional banking or international money order facility. Send money to Jordan, the safe, economical and swift way with these agencies.