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Best money transfer to Kenya • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to KenyaWe are in a period where the world has become a global village. As we know, a village is usually a place where everyone now the person next door. There is often a culture of exchanging arms, food, etc. With our global community, we now have situations where there is a need to send money to other parties living or working in another country.

There may be times when there is a need to send money to individuals or companies in Kenya.

This could be due to a person on holiday running out of cash suddenly, paying for those supplies or even remunerating employees. When this situation arises, there are a few approaches that could be followed.

There are many online “wallets” which offer individuals and companies facilities to send money to a third party in Kenya. These include Paypal, Western Union, and Moneygram.

One of the enormous disadvantages of using these mechanisms is that they are often more expensive than other methods of sending money to Kenya. This has made people look at other means. The intention of the guide below is to assist you in finding a cheap provider for a foreign bank transfer to Kenya.

Comparison:  Transfer Money to Kenya




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  • Wise is a very good provider for overseas transfers. The transfers are easy, convenient and secure. The most important thing is that the transfers are also much cheaper than with the bank.

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How can I send money to Kenya?


There are situations when there is a need to send money to a country from a foreign destination. When confronted with this scenario, there are often many points of consideration. It is crucial to take time-off before directly plunging into the first available option out there.

It is always important to find out what the preferred method of collection is of the person receiving the money. Ascertain whether it is a once off payment or if regular payments need to be made. How quickly will the person need to have access to the money?

Then of course, which money service providers are authorized to operate in Kenya. There are some ways of sending money online to Kenya from the US.

These include:

  • Transfer between US and Kenyan banks
  • Money transfer providers which deposit the transferred money directly into the bank account of the third party
  • Western Union and MoneyGram
  • The mobile app M-Pesa

Bank (it’s expensive)

There are a few things to be clarified about using bank transfers for getting money into Kenya. In most cases, the banks will offer you a lower foreign exchange rate, while also having high transaction charges. The other disadvantage is that bank transfers usually have a strict prescribed timeline attached to interbank transfers.

When we consider banks, the recipient’s money must be deposited into their own bank account. This option does not offer the flexibility that is available with some of the offers from money transfer agents. Many of them include the possibility of a cash pick up on the other side.

Money transfer provider

When it comes to money transfer providers, we would like to compare the services of three of the significant role players who are licensed to do business in Kenya.

These providers are:

  • Wise
  • WorldRemit
  • XE

How much does it cost to transfer money to Kenya?

XE is the only money transfer provider which does not have any online charge for money transfers into Kenya. The next cheapest is WorldRemit with an online fee of $3.99. Of the three providers considered here, Wise charges the most for transferring money to Kenya online. This agent charges a rate of $7 per transfer.

Duration of a money transfer to Kenya

When transferring money, there are scenarios where the timeline for money transfers could be important.

This is how our three contenders weigh-up against each other:

  • Wise – 1 – 2 days
  • WorldRemit – within an hour
  • XE – 3 – 5 days

Conclusion on the money transfer to Kenya

When deciding on which is the best way to transfer money online to Kenya, it is vital that the following points of consideration receive enough attention.

Be sure to have a look at transaction time and cost. What is the exchange rate you are able to negotiate? Is your money protecting against any fluctuations in the market while in transit? Does the receiver want to receive the funds as cash or deposited into their bank account? Also, look at the types of transfer methods that are available for recipients of money from another country.

Once established you will be ready to select the online money transfer method that will suit your specifications the best.