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Best money transfer to Mozambique • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Mozambique • Cost, duration, comparisonKnowing how to send money to Mozambique is very important if you have someone there who has to receive the money. But for this you must take into account the possibilities offered by the service related to transfers and compare them to see what they offer you, if they adapt to what you require at all times and make it as cheap as possible.

That is why in this article we will explain in the best possible way, what are the steps you have to follow to make the transfer, some factors that you should take into account when comparing companies and the possibilities that exist to make the transfer effective.

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How can I send money to Mozambique?


There are two possibilities to send money to Mozambique, these are through a bank or through a transfer company.

Of course, with both you must take into account the following steps to make the corresponding transfer.


  • Create an account: you can do it either in person or online. You must put your contact information, your identification within the country in which you are and details of your bank account.
  • Transaction details: you must provide both the corresponding amount of money and the currency.
  • Receiver details: we must also know the contact details of the recipient, along with their identification so that they can collect the money without problems.
  • Pay the transfer: to complete it you have to pay some fees or some commissions, this will depend on how we do it.


One of the possibilities we have to make the transfer is to use a bank that can offer you this service.

The bank in question must take into account for its treatment if there is an agreement or some type of agreement for this type of business, in this way, the transfer will be treated as national and will have hardly any commissions.

But if not, it will be an international transfer, so commissions and fees will be higher.

This form is usually more expensive than transfer companies.

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Other possibilities is to use a transfer company.

Here you have many options, so you have to make a good comparison between all of them and with specific requirements that fit the needs we have at all times.

The factors that you should take into account are the following:

  • Exchange rates: it is important because the higher the exchange rate, the less money will reach the recipient. That is why you should look for the company that has the lowest exchange rate.
  • Fees: Another of the things that are most important is the money they will charge you for shipping. This is because on many occasions, a small transfer can be expensive.
  • Transfer methods: there are several ways, it can be online through the website, from the mobile through the app or by visiting one of its headquarters.
  • Transfer time: it can be immediate, take a few days. This will depend on when the recipient needs our money.
  • Limits: sometimes, companies may require a minimum or maximum limit to make the transfer itself, this is important if what you want to send is not so much.
  • Collection methods: it can be through a bank account, at home or in cash.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Mozambique

The cost of transfer companies will vary depending on the time it takes for the shipment to take effect, along with the method of collecting that money.

If, for example, we ship 100 dollars from the United States to Mozambique and it is delivered in cash, the fee will be around 4 dollars. But if the delivery is made within a bank account, the rate would be very close to 3 dollars, so there would be more or less a dollar difference.

Therefore, the fees of the transfer companies are important to carry out the shipment with the best possible conditions.

Duration of a money transfer to Mozambique

To answer how long it takes to send money to the country of Mozambique we must take into account the method that the recipient will use to get the money.

So, if we continue with the previous example of sending 100 dollars from the United States to Mozambique it may take between minutes if the collection is in cash, or, one day more than the time it takes for the bank to make the transfer effective, that It will depend on each particular bank.

For this reason, it is important to choose the collection or transfer point well, so that the necessary money arrives as soon as possible to the recipient.


Therefore, sending money to Mozambique is very easy and simple.

You must consider two possibilities such as doing it through a bank or, through a transfer company.

But before you start, you have to know what you must do so that the transfer can be done correctly. You must create an account with your personal data, you must also give the transfer details such as the amount or currency, the details of the recipient, so that person can go to collect the money without problems and pay the fees or the corresponding commissions.

One of the possibilities to do this type of money transfer is a bank that can offer this type of services. Of course, you should know that on many occasions these transfers are treated as international transfers, which means that you have higher commissions and the shipping costs too expensive.

The second possibility that exists is to carry out the shipment through a transfer company, here you must be very clear about the needs to compare each of them and see which one best suits. For this, you will have to look at the collection methods, the transfer methods, if there is any type of limit, the exchange rates required by each currency, the payment rate that corresponds to the shipment.

Thus, the final cost will depend on the quantity to be sent, together with the method of collection and the more or less immediacy of the shipment itself.