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Best money transfer to Namibia • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to NamibiaYou can send money to your beneficiary in Namibia from over 150 countries across the world with a lot of ease. Thanks to technology which has given birth to online money transfer companies which are available in Namibia and oper parts of the world.

It is worth noting that there are two currencies in Namibia, that is the South African Rand and the Namibian Dollar.

Therefore, before sending money it is always ideal to be familiar with international money transfer costs. High transaction fees and bad exchange rates affect the money that is received. Therefore I believe it will save you a lot if you go through this article since you will see all cheap but credible ways of sending money to Namibia.

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How can I send money to Namibia?

Sending money to Namibia is easy since there are several money transfer operators in most parts of the world that can help you with the money transfer. Therefore, if you want to send money to your beneficiary for any given purpose you have a variety of alternatives that you can choose from.

Some will prefer to use their personal bank accounts to do carry out the transfer, or some will consider using money transfer providers like Xendpay, Western Union and PayPal. But before deciding on which transfer option make sure you choose a company that fully suits your needs.


Bank transfers are considered as traditional options. With bank transfers, you will have to visit your local bank so that they can help in executing the transfer though transaction charges are usually extremely high.

Additionally, banks offer the worst exchange rates which do not even match the real-time exchange market rates. This two aspect makes bank transfers to Namibia very expensive as compared to other money transfer companies.

Money transfer provider

Namibia host several international money transfer provider making it easy for any individual who wants to send money to Namibia easy.

Some of the money transfer providers in Namibia are:

  • MoneyGram
  • WorldRemit
  • HSBC

This is believed to be the best USD cash pick-up at agent locations in Namibia.


This is one of the best options to transfer USD to a bank account in Namibia.


Its payment option is a bank transfer.


How much does it cost to transfer money to Namibia

Each money transfer provider has different transfer rates. A good money transfer provider should not only be fast, but it should also be affordable at all costs. Here is an approximation of what the above money transfer providers will charge you for any transaction to Namibia.


  • While using WorldRemit you will be privileged to carry out the first three transfers to Namibia for free.
    Thereafter you will always pay about 2.99 GBP for every transfer made to Namibia


  • This company will always charge you approximately 4GBP for any money transfer made to Namibia


  • For any transaction made to Namibia MoneyGram will charge you about 9.7 GBP.

Duration of a money transfer to Namibia

Most individuals keenly look into a company’s turnaround time since this helps in preventing any delay inconvenience for the beneficiary. For example, if your beneficiary is sick and He/She needs urgent medical attention and you want to send them money you must use a money transfer provider that will avail the money to your beneficiary in minutes in few hours.

The following companies will take the indicated duration of time, for the money transfer to be readily available to the beneficiary:


  • If you use HSBC your beneficiary will get the money transferred within 3-5 working days.


  • MoneyGram is one of the fastest money transfer methods. It usually takes a few minutes for your recipient to receive the cash in Namibia.


  • If you use WorldRemit to transfer money to Namibia it will take 2 days for the money to be received.

Conclusion on the money transfer to Namibia comparison

It is evident that it is possible to send money to Namibia from most parts of the world. Namibia hosts several international money transfer providers giving its nationals an opportunity to use these companies to receive fund from other parts of the world. If you want the fastest money transfer provider in Namibia it is advisable you use MoneyGram.