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Best money transfer to New Zealand • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to New ZealandThere are many reasons why sending money to New Zealand has become a vast business. It has become a favorite country which attracts many visitors and expats every year.

These dynamics have opened many situations which require the transfer of money from beyond the borders of New Zealand.

With the enormous numbers of expats living in this tiny country, there is always the need to send money from abroad.

This could be in the way of a present, or it could even be to assist a loved one in need. Be as it may, these types of transactions are usually regarded as once-off transactions.

There has also been a considerable change in world employment dynamics. As a result, the country has become a source of remote workers who are employed by larger countries in other continents such as Asia, the Americas, and Europe. These individuals have to pay, which has resulted in products which offer multiple transactions over an extended period.

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In the new global village, suppliers in New Zealand may have clients in other areas of the globe. These entities need to pay for their supplies. As many of these business deals are ongoing, the obvious choice would also be multiple transactions over some time.

With all of these opportunities, it is absolutely crucial that the solution you chose meets all of your specifications. It is the purpose of the article to assist you in finding a cheap provider for a foreign bank transfer to New Zealand.

How can I send money to New Zealand?

With the influx of people to this island country, it is essential to know which options are available for transferring money to New Zealand online legally. Its popularity has resulted in many ways of performing these kinds of transactions.

These include:

  • Bank transfers between partners in the US and in New Zealand
  • Some money transfer providers
  • Money transfer providers which allow third-party cash pickups
  • PayPal
  • Internationally verified checks

Bank (it’s expensive)

Many people just believe in using banks for transferring money to New Zealand online. There are a few factors which you need to be aware of when using this method for moving money to a third party in this country.

Banks probably offer amongst the slowest transaction time. The institutions are perhaps amongst the most expensive. They also have one of the lowest exchange rates when compared to other service providers.

Money transfer provider

Many money transfer providers are able to operate legally in New Zealand.

Some of these major role players are:

  • Wise
  • WorldRemit
  • XE
  • OFX
  • CurrenctTransfer
  • Evenstar Exchange

How much does it cost to transfer money to New Zealand?

These money transfer providers offer different rates for transferring money to New Zealand online.

  • Wise – $7
  • WorldRemit – $3.99
  • XE – no charge
  • OFX – no charge
  • CurrenctTransfer – no charge
  • Evenstar Exchange – no charge

Duration of a money transfer to New Zealand

The money transfer provider with the quickest transfer rate is WorldRemit. If you send money with this agent, the recipients are able to access the funds within an hour. There are two providers, Everstar Exchange, and OFX, which have the money in your pocket within 1 day.

Wise and currency transfer promise to have the funds released within 1 – 2 days. The money transfer provider with the most extended transfer period is XE which offers a turn-around period of 3 – 5 days.

Conclusion on the money transfer to New Zealand

When choosing the perfect solution to meet all of your transfer requirements, it is essential to consider some factors. Each of these will impact on the transaction differently.

  • It is always important to look at the online fee structure. Many options even offer online transfers at absolutely no charge.
  • Exchange rates determine how much money will end up in your pocket, excluding the other charges. Always try to go for the option with the highest rates which meets the rest of your requirements.
  • It is also important to never forget the various payment and delivery options. It is always good practice to discuss this with the person receiving the money as well.
  • Transfer speed is essential, especially if there is a need to get the money to the recipient in the case of an emergency.
  • It is also essential to choose the correct transaction frequency. Some providers provide once-off transactions, while there are others which offer multiple transfers over some time.
    After looking at each of these factors, decide which provider ticks most of the boxes for you.