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Best money transfer to Turkmenistan • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Turkmenistan • Cost, duration, comparison

Sending money to Turkmenistan is easy and simple. But it is important that you can compare the platforms that can offer you this service, so that in this way you can adjust to the personal needs of the client without problems and that the money reaches the recipient person as best as possible.

There are two possibilities in general, through a bank or through a company specialized in this type of transactions. We will explain this throughout the article.

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How can I send money to Turkmenistan?


As I mentioned earlier, there are two general possibilities to make transfers abroad, they are banks and transfer companies.

But to carry out the shipment correctly you must follow the following steps:

  • Create an account: you can do it online or in person. You need to provide contact information, your identification depending on the country in which you live and your bank account details.
  • Transaction details: here you must include the amount to be sent and the currency with which you are going to send it.
  • Details of the recipient himself: you have to know your personal data, along with personal identification, so that no one else can collect it.
  • Pay the transfer: to complete the transfer correctly you must pay the fees or commissions depending on what you use.


One of the possibilities that we can use to send money to Turkmenistan is a bank that offers this type of services.

Here it is necessary to highlight the difference between the treatment that is done to the transfers if without nationals or internments.

If there is any kind of agreement between the two countries in the financial field, the transfer of money that is made will be treated as national, so the commissions will be minimal, on the contrary it happens if it is not and the transfer is treated as international, This makes it more expensive.

Money transfer provider

The second possibility to send money is to use specialized transfer companies, there are many and that is why you have to make a comparison and find the one that best suits your needs personally.

To do this, we must take into account some factors, such as the following:

  • Exchange rate: you have to take into account how high or not the exchange rate is, since the higher it is, the less money it reaches the recipient.
  • Fees: companies will charge you for making the transfer, depending on the needs you have, it will be more or less, so you will have to choose the best conditions.
  • Transfer methods: it can be done online through the website, by an app on the mobile or in person at one of the company’s headquarters.
  • Transfer time: may vary between the companies themselves. It may take minutes to days.
  • Limits: many companies have a minimum and maximum limit of money to make the transfer, so if you want to make a transaction that does not arrive or passes, you cannot carry it out.
  • Collection methods: it is important to choose the best collection method, since depending on this it may take more or less. It can be in cash, at home or through a bank account.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Turkmenistan

The cost of the transfer will depend on the time it takes and the way we have chosen so that the recipient can get the money and the amount to be sent.

If we have the example of sending 100 dollars to Turkmenistan from the United States, the price is about 3 dollars approximately.

Duration of a money transfer to Turkmenistan

The time it may take to make the transfer effective can vary between minutes and days.

So following the previous example, if the collection is in cash, the shipment takes a few minutes, but if the payment is made through a bank account, it will take another day what the bank needs to make it effective.

Conclusion on the money transfer to Turkmenistan comparison

Therefore, sending money to Turkmenistan is easy, but you have to take into account the necessary requirements to make the transaction cheaper.

So transfer companies are the best options to send it.