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Best money transfer to Zambia • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Zambia • Cost, duration, comparisonSending money to Zambia is a good way for the people we have in that country to have their own future in an easy and simple way.

This shipment can be made in different ways that have to do with a bank or with a transfer company. To choose the best one you have to make a good comparison taking into account certain factors that will meet personal requirements, depending on each one personally.


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How can I send money to Zambia?


There are two possibilities to send money to Zambia, they are the bank and the transfer companies, but in either case you must follow the following steps:

  • Create an account: you can do it online, or in person at each of the locations. You must provide your personal information, along with the bank account and the corresponding identification depending on each country.
  • Transaction details: you must know exactly the amount you wish to send, along with the currency so that there is no problem with the change.
  • Receiver details: you have to know all the contact information that the receiver has, so that he can collect it without problems.
  • Payment of the transfer: to finish you must pay the fees or commissions, depending on the method that you will use to make the transaction itself. Normally you will get a receipt that in many occasions you will have to pass it to the recipient so that he can pick it up.


One of the possibilities to send money to Zambia is to use a bank that provides such services.

In this case, it is necessary to distinguish between some type of financial agreement between countries that allows transfers to be made as national, so the commissions will be lower or almost null.

But if that agreement does not exist, these transactions will be made as international transfers, something that is undoubtedly very expensive.

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The second possibility to send money to Zambia is to use the transfer companies, but even here there is a great variety and it is important to choose the one that best suits what we need at all times.

For this, a series of factors must be followed, such as the following:

  • Exchange rate: you must take into account the exchange rates offered to you, since the lower they are, the more money will reach the recipient himself. So you must choose the company that offers this type of service.
  • Fees: Another thing that is important to consider are the fees that will be charged for making the transfer. This will depend on the method of transfer, collection and how long it may take to send the money itself.
  • Transfer methods: there are different types, it can be online within the website, in the mobile app or in person at any headquarters of the company itself.
  • Transfer time: varies between companies, so you will have to choose the one that best suits you.
  • Limits: On many occasions, companies ask that a minimum or maximum transfer be made, so it may not allow you to make the transfer you want.
  • Collection methods: there are several possibilities, either through a bank account, in cash or at home.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Zambia

The cost of transfer will depend on the time it takes to make the transaction, how to enter the money itself and the method chosen to make the collection.

Therefore, for example, if you want to send 100 dollars from the United States to Zambia, the payment rate will move around 4 dollars.

Duration of a money transfer to Zambia

The time it takes to make the transaction effective and taking into account the previous example, goes from minutes if the collection is in cash, to one day, adding up the issue of what it takes for the bank to become effective, that that goes apart.


Therefore, the best way to send money to Zambia is the use of transfer companies, but among them you must make a comparison according to the personal requirements that you have both the one who sends the money, and the one who will receive it.

This is important since if a bank is used for example, commissions can be very expensive and it can take a long time to get that money, unlike the transfer companies, which offer you the possibility of collecting the money in cash, at your home or in a specific bank account.