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Send Money from Greece to Australia

Send Money from Greece to AustraliaBuying property in Australia is possible or if you need to pay your employee’s remuneration. You may also like to purchase supplies in Australia, and the only way to get the money across is by sending it through remittance or bank transfer. There are ways to send any amount of money, small or large sums, without stressing yourself with the process. When you are in Greece and you need to send money fast in Australia, there are now countless ways to do so and in less amount of time.

Send Money to Australia from Greece




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How long does it take to transfer money from Greece to Australia?

Some banks can complete the transfer within 3 to 5 banking days, some can complete the process in 24 hours, and other remittance companies can have it done the next day. The fastest among the option is in a day. There are recipients, though, who mentioned that they got their money in less than 24 hours.


When you send money from Greece to Australia, there is a flat fee for some banks and remittance companies, plus the percentage of the amount that you will send. They will present the cost to you before you send the money. There is some remittance company that has hidden fees, so you should beware about such things. Finding the cheaper fee is the focus when you need to send money to Australia cause you want to have more for the money you will spend. Before you send money, make sure that you know the fees and charges and get the info beforehand.

Sending money to Australia with the bank

It will be beneficial if the recipient will have the same bank account as you cause this will make transferring money easier, and the cost may not be as high compared to when there are two different banks to process the money transmittal. Your recipient can have their money fast as well and enjoy it the next day. Also ask their exchange rate, how many days before the receiver will have the money and how much does sending money cost?
Using a bank to transfer money can be costly sometimes cause of the fees that the bank has compared to a remittance company that charges less.

Transferring money from Greece to Australia with a money transfer provider

Many remittance companies are as trustworthy as banks today because they are in the remittance business for years. They may have higher sending rates, so best to make use of their promos once it is available. They also have a one-time flat fee for a certain amount of money, so you can save by using such promos. Most of the remittance company offers a higher exchange rate as compared to banks, so you can be sure that you get more for your money.

Some step you need to take includes creating a free online account. This will not take much of your time to do, so you can use the online platform of these remittance companies in checking the fees, exchange rates, and sending fees. This is also the way for you to make a comparison with the different remittance companies. You only need some details of your recipient, and the correct information to complete the online transaction. You may pay using a debit card or credit card. Remember, they will charge you more if you use your credit card as payment for the money remittance.


Using a bank or a money remittance company has its perks, and it is up to you which institution you would go for. There is an advantage in using banks, and it is the same with using a money remittance company. They also differ in exchange rates, sending fees, and processing the remittance.
For some people, banks are the most trusted and more reliable. Others prefer the not-so-formal way of money sending using the money transfer provider. As always, get all the information you need in place, such as the exchange rate for the different banks and remittance company, and their sending fees. You need to know both info for banks and money remittance center, and which of the two will be able to send the money the fastest time.

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