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Send Money from India to Australia

Send Money from India to AustraliaIf you have loved ones in Australia and your company sends you to India on a business, you need to make sure that you can send them money. Sometimes there are students or job seekers in Australia who need money from their hometown in India, and they need to get the cash fast. There are different reasons you need to send money to Australia when you’re in India, and you need to have all the ways you can send cash at an affordable rate and in the most reliable way. You need to know two things when you want to send money from India to Australia. One is how much money your recipient will receive, and the second is how fast it can reach your receiver?


Send Money to Australia from India




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How long does it take to transfer money from India to Australia?

The speed may vary since some institutions can have it forwarded to the recipient within a day, while some can have it processed in minutes. There is also a bank transfer that can take 3 to 5 days to be completed, while other money transfer companies can send the money in a few hours.


Some banks may charge you a percentage of the amount that you will be transferring, while some will have a fixed rate for the transfer fee.
Some charges depend, as well, on the payment method used to transfer the money, e.g. Bank transfer, pickup, or personal delivery.
Remember that there are also foreign conversion taxes and service taxes that some institutions may add to the total cost, and this will differ depending on what country you will send money to.

Sending money to Australia with the bank

You can send money via bank to a bank transfer, and they call this wire transfer. This is also a safe way to send money to Australia cause you will share your bank account, the recipient’s details, plus the swift code to make the transfer possible. They may require you to provide the bank requirements when you need to make a remittance to Australia, or other countries, for that matter. Show some proof or documents proving your identity since this is the first requirement on the list. This type of money sending will have a corresponding bank charge, so make sure that you know the amount beforehand.

Transferring money from India to Australia with a money transfer provider

Transferring money with the use of online money transfer providers. Since numerous money transfer providers in India can make sending money easy, you only need to choose one company to send your money the fastest way. Some money transfer providers have been in the business for years, so they are trustworthy, and they are highly reliable. This goes for the other money transfer institution that is just new players, but will also provide great service to their clients.You should find the one that will give you the best exchange rate and the lowest transfer fees.

They should also have a higher ceiling for the amount you can transfer cause this is important if you need to send money in Australia in cases of emergency when an enormous amount of money is needed. Pick one that will have different ways to pay the transaction, such as via debit card, credit card, or bank account. Remember that when you pay using your credit card, this will cost you more. Choosing the company that will send the money the fastest time is also to your advantage cause some may charge you less but will take time to have your money transfer processed.


Sending money from India to Australia is not an impossible feat anymore because of the technology we are enjoying today. The money can be at your receiver’s bank account in minutes when it would take weeks in previous decades. Making this possible has made the money transfer business a boom in our society cause sending money around the world can happen with just a few clicks using your phone, or your computer. There are also many options you can use when you send money, and it is no longer something that gives stress to those who need to send money to any country.

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