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Send Money from Japan to Australia

Send Money from Japan to AustraliaSometimes you are living away from your home, and you need to fund your account in that country.

Like in this instance, when you need to send money from Japan to Australia.

Also, sometimes you need to send money to someone in Australia, and you may need to do it smartly and in a cost-effective way.

Send Money to Australia from Japan




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How long does it take to transfer money from Japan to Australia?

Duration differs, and it can be as fast as an hour to as long as five days. Most of the time, the money is received by the recipient in a day or two.


  • Transfer fees can range from ¥100.00 to ¥150.00 and more.
  • When compared to the previous means of sending money to different parts of the world, the cost is just enormous, the time frame is longer, and there are few methods to choose from.
  • Now, all that is required is to consider which method is the cheapest, and which company will send it the fastest cause there are now many options available.

Sending money to Australia with the bank

One good thing about sending money to Australia from Japan using a bank has its advantage cause you can send a bigger amount as compared to other methods of transferring money. However, the larger amount you send, the more fees you have to pay.

Banks will also give you a poor exchange rate while doubling transfer fees at the same time.
Consider the fluctuations of the exchange rate, as this will make an enormous difference in how much money will be received by the recipient.

Also, double-check the charges of the receiving bank cause there are times when banks will charge customers pointless fees, and you will be surprised after the transaction.

Transfer money from Japan to Australia with a money transfer provider

The disadvantage of using a money transfer provider is that they have a low transfer limit, so they are not much help when you need to transfer a huge amount. However, for a medium sum of money, they are a big help every time. Your recipient can get the money in as fast as an hour, or the most are two days.

They also offer the best exchange rate for your money, plus you will pay less compared to the fees you have to pay when you use a bank to bank transfer.

They also have a website where you can send the money online. It is also fast, cheap, and safe.

Some money transfer companies have a pickup method to get the money, and other companies can direct the money to the recipient’s bank account.

Some traditional money transfer providers can even let your recipient receive the money in the currency of their choosing, in this case, Australian dollars.

Some sender usually checks the exchange rate before they send money to Australia from Japan. Since the exchange rate fluctuates, sometimes the rate is high, so they take the opportunity to send when the exchange rate is high. That way, even if they pay a bit for sending fees, the exchange rate gives you some advantage, and you can have more money to send to your recipient.

Just let your recipient know to always have a ready identification when they need to pick up the money in any branch of the money transfer company. This may sometimes delay the money pick up if they don’t have any ID with them, or in some situations, the transaction number may be the only thing asked when picking up the money.

It may be better to have the money credited to the bank account of your recipient, as this will be more convenient for them, and they need not personally go to the money transfer companies to get the money.


Remember that when you send money via bank transfer, some receiving bank may also charge some fees, so your recipient may have to pay a certain amount. Sometimes this is not the situation, and most of the time, only the sender will be the one to pay the fees for the money sending transaction. It is up to you if you allow the recipient to make some payments from the money you sent, or you can shoulder all the fees on your end.

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