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Send Money to Brazil from Australia

Send Money to Brazil from AustraliaToday, we have a large number of possibilities to send money to other countries that we would not have previously imagined. For this reason, it is possible that you feel disoriented when we want to find the best procedure for it and that it is in the safest way possible.

With all this, all these opportunities have arisen on the Internet, but also some risks that have to do with fraud or even with identity theft. So it is very important to know which are the safest procedures so that your money reaches the Rio de Janeiro country in the best possible way.

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Duration: Send Money from Australia to Brazil

The duration will depend on the method we use to send that money. If we spend that money with a bank transfer, we must take into account the type of international transfer it would be, if the transfer is SEPA, this transfer will take a maximum of 2 days, but if the transfer is SWIFT it would take around 5 days, although it may take longer.

But if we use the transfer provide companies, this transfer will be almost immediate, especially if the collection is made at any office of that company.


The expenses will also depend, as in the previous case, on whether that transfer is made through a bank or a transfer provider.

If we use a bank to make that transfer, this bank will charge you commissions that can be quite expensive, so it would range from $ 20 to $ 50 to which in many cases a surcharge cost is added, along with other costs related to intermediary banks.

But if you make these transfers, it is done through transfers provide, these expenses drop considerably, usually exceeding 10 dollars.

How to transfer money from Australia to Brazil through a bank.

To make an international bank transfer, you must follow the following steps:

  • Get the data of the person to whom you are going to send the transfer. The specific data is the name of the recipient, along with the country of the bank account where the money will be sent. For this, it is important to know the BIC or SWIFT codes.
  • Go to your bank: now it’s time to make the transfer, you can do it through staff, online, through ATMs, or even by phone.
  • Put the data we have and enter it: the data to be entered is summarized in the destination country, in our case Brazil, the name of the person benefited, the concept, the amount you are going to transfer, the IBAN, and the code BIC / SWIFT.
  • If there is a refund of the money, it is possible that within the data there is a fault. For this reason, the data must be correct.

How to transfer money to Brazil from Australia by a transfer provider

To make an international transfer from Australia to Brazil, you must follow the following steps:

  • You must register in any company of this type.
  • We will send the money: for this, you must know the recipient, know where they are and their personal data.
  • You will put this data, along with the amount to send in the form, also, you will have to choose a collection method, the one that best suits the recipient.

We already have it done. But keep in mind that it can be done online, over the phone, or in an office in person. In the case of reception, it can be done in person or at an authorized point or with a messenger at home.


In conclusion, if you want to make an international transfer, in our case, to Brazil, you must take into account certain things, such as the address of it or the expenses that we will have if we do it by one means, or by the other.
With all this, it has been concluded that the best way to make this transfer is to use a transfer provide, this is because it lasts less, it can be included in minutes and also the expenses are much lower than with a bank. In these companies, the money will be available in minutes, something that does not happen with banks that will be at least 2 days, depending on the type of international transfer that is, it may take longer.

On the other hand, there is the cost, which makes banks charge higher commissions, something that does not happen with companies, these processes are usually between 50 dollars that they charge you in banks until they do not exceed 10 dollars in the case of these companies.

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