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Send Money from Belgium to Canada

Send Money from Belgium to CanadaWhen you leave for another country to work or you go on a vacation, you need to make sure that you have your family covered. Going away for a few months, even years require you to have a way to send money to your family. Sending money from Belgium to Canada is possible and it will not be as hard as you think cause they will require you to send the money via your bank or by using a remittance company for a fee. The focus here is on finding a trustworthy money transfer institution or bank that will send your money the quickest time, so your recipient will get hold of it when they need it.

Send Money to Canada from Belgium




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How long would it take to transfer money from Belgium to Canada?

It can take as fast as a few hours to a day. Some banks can have your money transferred in 1 to 2 banking days, while the longest would take 3-days.


Transfer fees vary where some would charge you a percentage of the transaction amount, while some will have a flat-rate fee. There are a few who don’t charge the transfer fee but will have a lower exchange rate. There is also a limit for every transfer transaction, whether you use banks or a money remittance company. The focus is about sending the higher amount at a lesser rate and the fastest time.

Sending money to Canada with the bank

When you want to send money from your bank to the recipient bank in Canada, you may go directly to any bank office and process the remittance, or you can log in by using internet banking. You will be able to make the money remittance as well by providing the information of your receiver. There is not much difference if you go to the bank branch or do it online, and you will have more convenience in making the transaction online.
There is also a limit even if you do it online, so read about the rules of sending money bank to bank. If your recipient has the same bank, they can enjoy the money fast since it may only take a day to three days if everything went smoothly. However, if there are issues with the money transfer and it is taking more time than expected, you will know as the bank will inform you of any changes.

Transferring money from Belgium to Canada with a money transfer provider

The best way you can do this here is by finding the best money remittance company and make sure that the said remittance company also has an online presence. There are a few remittance companies that have more popularity as compared to other money transfer companies, and they are reliable and quick in processing the money sending requirement. There are apps that you can use online when you want to see the comparison from different money transfer providers.

The options are just too many, so you have to choose one that will give you the most affordable rate and the fastest to make the transfer happen. Some money transfer companies will have minimum or maximum transfer amount limits. There are business accounts and personal accounts you can use depending on the remittance requirements. It is also easy to do the processing online since their app is easy to use, and you can access it anytime, even in the confines of your home. Sending money is now possible, even at your fingertips, by using your smartphone or by using your computer.


Although there are many banks and remittance companies to choose from, they differ from one another with the transfer fee, exchange rates, money transfer limits as well as the days to complete the money transfer. It is also safe to use both cause it is their legal responsibility to keep your info and your data safe. When you do your money transfer online, whether you are using your bank or a money transfer company, always check the privacy policy and how you will track your money transfer. Ensuring that you have a strong password is another key to protecting your safety while online.