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Send Money to New Zealand from the United Kingdom

Send Money to New Zealand from United KingdomSending money to New Zealand can take just a few minutes, a few hours, or even days. With the many ways, you can do so either by bank transfer or by using an independent money transfer company, you have an option.

Whether you use bank transfers to send money to your family, employees, or your relatives in New Zealand, make sure you are not spending more on doing so. There is now a way to compare sending money via different money transfer companies, and you can also research online on banks that will do the transfer and how much it will also cost you.

Best Send Money Service to New Zealand from United Kingdom

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Duration: Send Money from the United Kingdom to New Zealand

Some money transfers may take a little more time compared to other means. Others will take a shorter time, but you have to pay more.

If you are using the bank, it may take a day up to three banking days to get your money across.
However, take into consideration what the money is being used for, so if you need to have the money received in no time, you may need to pay more to have it received by the recipients in a few minutes or in real-time.


Using the bank to send money abroad may differ depending on the bank and how much you will send.
If you are to use money transfer companies, they may charge you depending on the amount you will send as well, although some have a flat rate fee promo for a certain amount, so you may have to take the opportunity and send money using this flat rate fee. Sending money may start with a fee of $6.50 and up.

  • New Zealand may also have branches of the UK remittance company that you will be using, so you won’t have much issue with the safety.
  • This also goes when you will use a bank to transfer the money.
  • If you are using a bank, you may also get the money across easily if the recipient will have a bank account at the same bank you will use. This will make withdrawing easier and faster.

Transfer money from the United Kingdom to New Zealand with the bank

Maybe the easiest and fastest way to have the recipient get the money from the bank is to also have a bank account, so you will just be sending the money online to them, and they can even get the money in minutes.

You must check first on how much they will charge you when you are to use a bank to transfer money and how much the conversion rate is.

Sometimes we think we are saving money by having low fees, but having a low conversion rate does not save us money as well.

Transfer money to New Zealand with a money transfer provider

You can always send money using a money transfer provider, this is effortless and will only require a few minutes to get processed. However, they may be some differences in transfer time, so this is what you should check on the company that you will choose.

Paying via debit or card is also an option, there may be additional fees, though when you use a credit card to make the payment, and there will be some other charges on top of it.

Using a money transfer company is safer, and gone are the days when sneaky transactions are happening right under your nose. They are now made convenient to make every people’s lives better – by sending money to their family or loved ones.

Some money transfer companies even offer a better conversion rate compared to banks, but again, it will depend on how you look at it cause some people still want to do their business with banks. They feel it is safer, and they feel more comfortable having the bank handle their money.


When you need to send money to New Zealand, you don’t need to stress anymore cause you have a lot of options, and information is also available online. You can read about the trustworthiness of certain transfer companies, quickness of any bank transfer, how much the conversion rate is at the said time and there is even information on how fast the money is received by the recipient, use such information to your advantage.

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