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Send Money from Israel to India

Send Money from Israel to IndiaWhen you need to send money from Israel to India, it need not be expensive, and there should be no hidden fees or low exchange rate for your money transfer, but sometimes you chance upon an international money remittance company that has such. The secret is finding the best remittance provider that can give you the best service while charging you lower fees. When you found the right remittance provider, stick with the said provider so you will always have more worth for your money.

Send Money to India from Israel




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  • Wise is a very good provider for overseas transfers. The transfers are easy, convenient and secure. The most important thing is that the transfers are also much cheaper than with the bank.

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  • Save up to 90% compared to banks. No hidden costs. Large selection of countries.

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  • Azimo is a very competent partner for the international transfer. Azimo has a large selection of countries and the transfers are safe and cheap.
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How long does it take to transfer money from Israel to India?

The transaction can be done in as fast as a few hours or within a day, while some may take a few days or so. It will mostly depend on the country you will send it to if they have restrictions and rules about remittance, but since it is India, there should be no worries as long as everything is done legally. There is also the payment method you will use cause it can also add days and if there is a public holiday or the weekend.


The fees vary and will also depend on how much you will send to any country. There is a flat rate fee plus a percentage of the amount you will send. In order for you to have an idea of how much, you may use the online comparison where the fees will be listed as well. You only have to input the amount you will send, and there are corresponding fees plus the length of time required for processing. Choosing a company that will be transparent during the transaction is the key to getting the best service when sending money abroad, and you won’t have any worries about not getting the best deal.

Sending money to India with the Bank

It is now easy to send money from Israel to India cause there are banks left and right to help you with it. You need only to choose one that you feel will give you the best exchange rate, the fastest delivery, and charge you the lowest fees. If you are going to send money to India frequently, it is best to look for a bank that has a record of having a high exchange rate, and you can open an account there cause if you have an account, the fees may be lesser for sending money. You also have more convenience since you can do the transfer online if you need to send money via bank to bank transfer.

When you transact with a bank, you know that your money is safe and will surely reach your recipient. It is also easy to track your remittance, and you will have dedicated personnel who will help you with your transaction. This is the advantage of doing the transaction with the bank, cause they will help you throughout.

Transferring money from Israel to India with a money transfer provider

With the many international money transfer providers available nowadays, you can sometimes get confused on who to trust when you need to send money. However, almost all the money transfer providers are honest with their dealings as well, they just have different exchange rates and have varying fees they charge their customers. You can always request a quote from different remittance companies so you can compare which provider will give you your money’s worth. Most providers are reliable, safe, and secure, so you need not worry that your money will not reach your recipient.
You only need to choose one that will give you the best deal for your money.


When you need to send money to India from Israel, there is an online money transfer, then there is a bank transfer, and some money transfer providers have their shops where you can also do the transaction. You can have more convenience if you do the transaction online, since you can finish it in the confines of your home safely and you have ways to pay via credit card or debit card. Good thing that online banking is available and money remittance provider have their online setup as well.

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