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Send Money from Switzerland to India

Send Money from Switzerland to IndiaSending money from Switzerland to India is easier than you thought.

With the vast improvement in technology, they now make every aspect of sending money simple.

There are various ways you can send money now compared to the previous methods where banks are used to transfer money internationally.

Send Money to India from Switzerland




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How long does it take to transfer money from Switzerland to India?

On many popular routes, the money can arrive, and the recipient can get hold of the money in a day, while the other route may take just a few seconds. There are also sending methods that may take a day up to three days before it arrived in the receiving country.


When you send via bank, there are corresponding fees that the bank will charge, and this also goes if there are third-party charges by the receiving bank.

  • You may just pay the charges by your bank and let your recipient pay the charges on their end.
  • There is another way where the recipient will be deducted the full charges incurred for the money sent.
  • When you will use an independent money transfer company, they may charge anywhere between 4.00CHF to 22.00CHF and sometimes more.

If you regularly send money to India from Switzerland, maybe it is time to balance your options. You must also check hidden fees, if any. You can find a better solution so you can save up and send more instead of paying for charges and transfer fees.

Sending money to India with the bank

Banks may give you a lower currency conversion, and it leaves you with sending less to your friends or families in India. Although it is convenient and you are to transact safely with the help of the bank, maybe you can also check out other options where you are saving money with transfer fees and, at the same time, having more with the high exchange rates.

When transferring money to a foreign bank account, you need to provide the recipient’s account number or the International Bank Account Number, the name and address of the recipient’s bank, and the receiver’s BIC or SWIFT code.

When you use banks to transfer money, remember that banks will always want to make profits, and India banks are no different. Some may offer poor exchange rates and may charge you huge transfer fees.

Transfer money from Switzerland to India with a money transfer provider

Online money transfer companies in India are also trustworthy, you also have a lot to choose from as many are available. However, they also differ in some aspects, such as the following.

Exchange Rates

Is there a big difference compared to other money transfer providers? Pick the one that you think has an edge with the exchange rates.


How much are they going to charge you to have the money sent to the recipient? Are you sure that there is no hidden cost and you will not be paying more?

Pick up methods

  • How will your recipient want to receive their money?
  • Is there a maximum transfer amount?
  • Will the amount do for you? If there is an enormous amount required and is requested from you by the receiver, make sure that the money transfer provider can deliver and will allow the said amount to be transferred.

How long is the processing?

You need to ensure the turnaround time, so your recipient will not bother you if in case the process took longer. You will be able to tell your receiver whether it will only take a day or longer.

Customer service

This is important when you need to follow up about the money transferred. If in case you are expecting it to arrive in a day and three days have passed, and still, it wasn’t received by the recipient, having a customer service to make a follow-up is better than none.


You will find no difficulty in sending money to India as there are methods you can choose on how to complete the process. There are also money transfer providers that can have your money sending transaction processed in minutes. But again, the fastest processing of money transactions may mean more fees to pay.

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