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Send Money from Turkey to Malaysia

Send Money from Turkey to MalaysiaIf you have a business in Malaysia and you need to send money to support that business, then you have to find the best money transfer company that can process the transaction.

You have to consider a few things when sending money to Malaysia from Turkey before you can choose the best company to entrust your money to and who will efficiently do the transaction.

Send Money to Malaysia from Turkey




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How long does it take to transfer money from Turkey to Malaysia?

The money can get to the recipients in minutes, but this route is more expensive. Some recipients can receive the money in 1 to 2 days for lesser fees, while other companies can send the money in 3 to 5 days.


Fees vary and will depend on how much you will be sending. For the amount of a thousand dollars, the rate can start from $7.50 up to $14. For minute-long process, the charges start from $43 and up. There are also transfer companies with 3 to 5 days of processing time, but charges from $35 to a hundred dollars.

There are also banks that you can use to transfer money from Turkey to Malaysia since most of the banks in the US have branches in other countries, such as Turkey. But if you find using the bank to transfer money expensive, then you can also look for other ways to send the money, and this is by using a money transfer company.

Send money to Malaysia with the bank

There is also an advantage in using the bank to transfer your money cause you’ll know that you are doing a safe transfer, and you are sure that the money will reach your recipient.

One more thing about the bank is that they have many branches as well in other countries and you can use this to your advantage.

The easiest way to transfer money from your bank account to your recipient is by having them open a bank account as well in the same bank that you will be using. This way, the transfer will be faster as it is going to be a bank to bank transaction.

You just need to confirm the exchange rate, how much you will need to send, how much is the total money that the recipient will receive, and for how long will the bank process the transfer.

Make sure that you have the bank account number of the recipient so you can process the transfer quickly.

Bank transfer is done by going to any bank branch near you, or you can do it via online banking.

Transfer money from Turkey to Malaysia with a money transfer provider

  • When you use a money transfer provider, you can have the money deposited to the bank of the recipient as well, or you can have it picked up at any branch of the money transfer provider.
  • Make a comparison of the transfer fees and exchange rates so you will have the best option.
  • If you use an online money transfer, this will make sending your money fast.
  • If you are unsure of the money transfer provider that you are about to use, there is available reviews online that you can check out. There are discussions there from satisfied clients and if there are also unhappy customers.
  • Finding the best money transfer provider is also possible by reading out on their reviews cause the more happy customers are saying good things about the company, the high possibility that the company has a prominent reputation and is dependable.
  • Get the complete and right information of the receiver cause otherwise, they cannot receive the money. If they are to pick up the money, they won’t be able to retrieve the money as well since the information is not correctly provided.


The best way to select the right company for your money transfer need is by comparing the exchange rates and their transfer rate cause that is also how you’ll be able to save more and send additional money instead.

Most of the money transfer companies will give you a high exchange rate while also charging more for transfer fees. Choose a reliable company that can give you the best exchange rate there is while charging you less for sending fees.

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