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Send Money to Australia from Malaysia

Send Money to Australia from MalaysiaIf you feel like sending your sister or your brother some cash to Australia, there are now ways to do it without the stress.

When you need to send someone some money immediately in Australia, this is also now possible cause there are many banks, different money transfer companies, or there is a way to do it online.

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Duration: Send Money from Malaysia to Australia

The receiver can expect the money in 1 to 3 days, others can receive the money in less than 24 hours while there is also some remittance company who can have the money processed in real-time, meaning the recipient can have the money after it’s been processed from the country of origin in minutes which is considered fast, but of course there is a corresponding fee for such quick processing.


There are money transfer companies that you can send money to from Malaysia going to Australia, where you will not be paying any fees. Other money transfer companies will bill you from $2 and up.

Some remittance companies will not bill you a fee but will have a corresponding percentage that will depend on how much you will send.

With other remittance companies, they will have a flat-rate fee of $4.99 for the money transfer for below $1000, if the amount is a thousand and above, the transfer is free.

If you are to use your credit card, there is a corresponding fee as well and will be much higher than paying your transfer in cash.

  • With sending money from Malaysia to Australia, they will not leave you without an option cause there are many ways you can send money. You can do it via bank transfer by visiting your bank, or you can do it online.
  • When using a money transfer company, on the other hand, you may also opt to do it online, and you can sign up on the money transfer company app that will take you minutes to finish.
  • You may also just visit any branch of the money transfer company in your vicinity.

Send money from Malaysia to Australia with the bank

When you will be using a bank transfer, you need to visit your bank and have it processed in minutes. The money will be taken from your account, and your recipient will have the money in a day or a few days.

If you don’t want to go out and leave the house, you can do it online as long as you log into your bank online app. You need to see first the exchange rate and how much the bank will charge you for sending the money.

Here, you will know whether to send the money via a bank or you will use a money transfer company instead to send the money.

You will have the choice whether you want to send the money to your receiver’s bank account or you want the recipient to get it in any agent’s location.

Transfer money to Australia with a money transfer provider

Since there is a good deal of money transfer companies available, they are also offering zero transfer rates for some of their clients for them to acquire more clients at the same time. However, check how much is their exchange rate, so you’ll know whether you are saving money.

Many of the money transfer companies live up to its name by offering zero transfer fees, high exchange rates, and they will get your money transferred in no time.

As long as you are saving and you are getting your money’s worth, it is to your advantage to get the services of the different money transfer companies.

Good to know

Your recipient can have the money in Australian Dollars or US dollars as they prefer. They must show proof that they are the recipient if they are going to get the money via the money transfer branch in Australia.

Identification with required information must be provided, the correct transaction number must be given as well so they can withdraw the money.

If you have any issue with the money that you are sending, most money remittance companies have 24/7 phone support to help you with your inquiries, and it is the same with every banking institution.


With the simple online set-up when you send money online, it is now a few minutes away to send your money. Previously, it will take weeks before you have the money forwarded to the recipient, but with the high-technology that we have in our society now, they make everything simple and achievable.

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