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Send Money from Ghana to United States (USA)

Send Money from Ghana to United States (USA)In recent years, there have been controversies about sending money outside and sending it to the US. There are rules and laws in place, but nowadays, it is possible to send money from Ghana to the US by using money remittance companies and banks for each transaction. Cedi is the currency of Ghana, and transfer regulations are still in place, but sending money is allowed depending on limits.

Send Money to the United States from Ghana




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How long does it take to transfer money from Ghana to the USA?

Turnaround times differ and should be high on the list of consideration for those who want to send their money outside of Ghana. There are various reasons for the delay, such as the company that you choose or if there are regulations from the receiving country. Some transfers can be as long as 3 to 5 days, while other transfers can be available in 12 hours, which is fast for most clients. There are also ways that money can be with your recipient in minutes. Ideally, this is what customers would like, but they need to be aware of the fees and charges first.


The fees will vary cause some money transfer providers will have a higher exchange rate while their fees will also be higher than the rest. Some companies will give you a low transaction fee with a low exchange rate, which is not an advantage if you need your recipient to receive more. You can use most of the money transfer providers that are popular in the business cause they are the ones who make it possible to have your money delivered to the US.


It may be easier to receive money from Ghana than to send money from Ghana because of the laws being implemented, but it is still possible. Banks are also implementing rules, but it will depend on the amount you need to send to other countries, particularly the US.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Banks may offer poor exchange rates, so if you are in Ghana, it may be the same issue. If you want to send more for your family in the US, you will need to send more for the amount that you want your relatives to receive. There are also fewer banks that you can use to send money outside the country. It causes some available banks to have poor exchange rates and, at the same time, charge a hefty fee for transferring your money. There is also a stricter rule that must be followed and considered before sending money to the US.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

You can use different money transfer providers from Ghana, however, they also have limits to the amount that you can send to your recipient. There is a cheaper option though, so the best way to save money is to pick the one that will give you a lesser charge and fees for your transactions. Since most of them are competitive, they are trying to outdo one another with the exchange rates being higher and charges are lesser to attract customers and clients. Most of the money remittance center is trustworthy.

The good news is they also have their presence in the US cause most of the money remittance centers present in Ghana are reputable ones and have been in the business for a couple of years. They are well-known to handle your money safely and make sure that it will reach your recipient on time. The speed is also quicker, so you are assured that when they tell you your money will be there in the US within 24 hours, you can rest assured that your money is there at the time affirmed.


Although there are restrictions when sending money from Ghana to the US, this transaction is still possible, since there are venues available to make it so. It is now easier to send money from Ghana compared to the recent years when it is a headache when you need to send money outside the country. Since this is no longer an issue nowadays and with the clearly developing economy of the country, it will be simpler in the coming years to transfer money to different parts of the world.

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