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Send Money from Ireland to United States (USA)

Send Money from Ireland to United States (USA)Ireland is a wonderful place to live. Safety is a top priority, healthcare is accessible, public transportation is everywhere, people are friendly, and it is easy to open a bank account. Having a bank account can help you with your financial transactions, and one of them is when you need to transfer money to another country.

If you are in Ireland for work and you have other businesses in the US, you need to have steady access to an institution that will help you with sending money to the US if required. Say you need to fund a business, or you need to pay employees, you may have a pending project that needs some cash, and the only way is to send money via bank or by using a money remittance company.

Send Money to the United States from Ireland




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How long does it take to transfer money from Ireland to the USA?

If you are to use a bank for your money transfer needs, the turnaround time is within 2 to 3 banking days. The money will be available for your recipient. Some banks can take up to 5 banking days to have the transaction processed. Using some of the more popular venues such as money transfer providers, the money may be picked up in any agent location in the US within minutes.

For other money remittance companies, it should take 24 hours before the money becomes available. Money transfer may also take a long time if the receiving country may have some additional security check-in place, and clearing may take longer. It is true if the money involved is a large sum.


Fees can range from as low as $3 to as high as $30 and more for this transaction. Banks also have different fees, which are sometimes more as compared to money remittance companies. You must ask around which bank you can use and can provide you with the lowest money transfer fees.

This is the same thing you should do when using a remittance service cause there is a company that offers a first-time free transaction, and you are not required to pay a cent for the transfer fee.

Some offer a 3-free money transfer fee which can save you more money. Always be aware of the fees and charges that banks and money transfer companies have in place.


Since everything is online nowadays, sending money to another country is also available online. You can do the transaction without leaving the house but make sure that you have funds to pay for the transaction. Most people differ in their preference, where some like to have their money transfer transaction processed by the bank while others have no worries about sending their money with the help of a money remittance company.

Sending money to the US using banks

In Ireland, numerous banks have been in the business for years. They have been the pillar of the financial industry in the country since most financial transactions are made through them. Many people in Ireland trust their banks with their financial activities, including sending money to other countries like the US.

When you will use the bank to transfer money to the US always check the exchange rate, how much is the transfer fees and how many days before your recipient will get the cash. Also, ensure that the exchange rate is to your liking cause sometimes they have a low exchange rate but have costly fees for the money transfer.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

This is another venue you can use when sending money to the US. Most of these money remittance companies are pillars in the industry since they have paved the way for money remittance and continuously grow from there. This is the reason many people trust these institutions cause they are also as reliable as the bank and also charge less compared to banks. Since there are many competitions in this business, they also differ in their fees cause for one to have many clients, they must be more affordable than the other companies.

This is when research is crucial cause you have to know which company will offer the best price to do the transaction. Which company can give you more worth for your money? If a certain remittance company can have a bigger exchange rate, lower money transfer fees, and the fastest to deliver, no doubt this is the company you should choose.


Each people have their preference. Some may trust the banks more, while others are more confident in using money transfer providers for their money transfer needs. As long as you are sending more because you are saving with money transaction fees and your money has more worth because of the high exchange rate, it is your best choice so far.

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