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Send Money from Panama to United States (USA)

Send Money from Panama to United States (USA)If you need to send money from Panama to the US, you need to get the help of a reputable remittance company that can make it happen. Since several money transfer companies can do this transaction for you, the problem is in choosing the best.

It is no longer an issue of how to send money abroad but choosing the best among the many reputable money transfer providers. Not to mention the banks that have been the pillar of the financial industry that you can also rely on for your remittance need.

Send Money to the United States from Panama




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How long does it take to transfer money from Panama to the USA?

The fastest delivery can be within 24 hours, so for those who require a swift delivery, this is what they should go for. There are also the 1 to 2 days money transfer completion and banks that can take anywhere between 3 to 5 days, which is slow according to some client’s standards. Most people are looking for a company that can deliver their money fast and not just safe cause if their family would require the money, they want to make sure that they can have it when they need it.


There is a minimum amount of remittance and a maximum amount. The fees can range from 3 USD and more depending on the amount you need to send. Although there is a remittance company that will provide you with the first three money transfers for free, which you can use to your advantage. However, you will pay after that depending on how much you need to send. Banks will also charge you, and sometimes you can expect more fees for your money transfer needs.


It is to the advantage of many people to have advanced technology with money transfer cause now they made everything simple and quick. There is no longer the question of how, but only the issue of how long and, of course, how much. Since banks and money transfer providers differ in their fees and charges, it is just up to you to choose the best among the many money delivery providers.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Banks are well known for serving their clients and customers the best way. When you need to send money from Panama to the US, always check the exchange rates cause the banks do not offer very high exchange rates. This is the disadvantage when you will use a bank for your money transfer requirements. You will also have to be patient cause your money will not get to your recipient as fast, but you are sure that it is in safe hands.

When you have a bank account in Panama, and you need to send money to the US, make sure that there is a bank there connected with the bank that you will use from Panama cause the delivery will be faster, and your recipient will get the money quicker that way.

Also, ask if there is a receiver’s fee cause sometimes the bank that will receive the money to the host country will also have fees you need to pay. They can deduct it from the money your recipient will receive. So be aware of such practices.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

There is a few money transfer provider you can use from Panama when you need to send money to the US. Some of them have been in the business long ago, so they are reliable, but somehow they may also have higher fees. But they may also have discounts and promos you can take advantage of.

Before you choose one remittance company, make sure that you have made some research so you will know which company to go for. Their exchange rates differ, as well as, their service fee, so you need to be aware of that beforehand.


If you need to send money to the US frequently, then it will be to your advantage to have a money transfer company that you can depend on. You need to research a company with a good exchange rate and lower fees for their money transfer. Once you find the company, still do some research and find out what other people are saying about them, and if they are trustworthy.

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