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Send Money from Philippines to United States (USA)

Send Money from Philippines to United States (USA)Many people who are in the Philippines are usually visiting or have a job where they are required to leave their family in the US. Some are staying for a few days, while others have been in the country for years.

When they need to send money from the Philippines to the USA, there have options on how they want to do it. Just like in any country, it is now simple to send money from the Philippines to the US.

Send Money to the United States from Philippines




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How long does it take to transfer money from Philippines to the USA?

The duration of money delivery or transfer completion differs from bank to money remittance company. Most banks can complete the delivery in 3 to 5 days, other banks can do it in 2 banking days. Money transfer providers have a turnaround time of 24 hours or sometimes less. It may also vary from country to country but since it is the US, it can take faster.

Most banks in the Philippines have a local presence in the US so it will be easy for the people wanting to send money to the US. When they use money transfer providers, they also have the benefit of choosing from a money transfer provider who has been in the industry for a long time and who is also trustworthy.


Checking the fees for money transfers is the key for anyone to choose the best company to rely on regarding their money transfer requirements. The fees differ as well depending on what country you want to send money to. Banks will charge fees that may not be as affordable as compared to using a money remittance service. It is always ideal to see which one offers the highest exchange rate, the lowest transfer fees, and who can deliver the money fast.


Anyone who needs to send money to their loved ones, friends, or business partner in the US from the Philippines should avoid high fees and use discounts if it is being offered. This way they have more to send to the US. There should also be no hidden charges, and exchange rates must be competitive. Most importantly, it should be secure.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Sending money to the US with the bank is what most people prefer cause they feel secure knowing a bank is handling their transactions for them. This is doubly true if the bank has been in the business for decades. Most banks will also make sure that the money will get to the recipient and all transactions are considered legit. Expats in the Philippines have their bank accounts, and most banks in the Philippines are also present in the US, so they only need to transact with people from the bank, let them know what they need, and how much they need to send to the US.

The bank will inform them of the charges, the exchange rate, and how many days it would take for the receiver to get hold of the money. Most of the people transacting with banks want the convenience and the personal service they get from the bank. They are also aware of the charges and not too ideal an exchange rate, but they feel secure using the bank service.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

Most of the money transfer providers that have been in the business in the Philippines have originated from the US. These money transfer companies decided to put up their office in the Philippines so they will be able to cater to more people. Using money transfer companies is faster, convenient, and secure as well. They have this exchange rate in real-time, so the sender will know how much their money is worth.

They can also send money to their recipient with lesser fees cause most of the money remittance company promises a lesser charge or fees than the banks. More and more people are using money transfer providers with their money transfer requirements cause they get the same service and their money is always delivered on time or even faster.


It is not easy to choose which company to go to for your money transfer requirements, but knowing what each offers is the best way to decide. You can go online to check what the bank or the remittance company provides regarding the exchange rate or the charges. It is best to know before committing and sending your hard-earned money.

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