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Send Money from the Netherlands to United States (USA)

Send Money from the Netherlands to United States (USA)Living in the Netherlands has its perks cause most people find the country easy to adjust to. It is expat-friendly, and they welcome visitors with warm acceptance. It has a great economy, an excellent education system, and is considered safe to live in.

Foreigners living in the Netherlands find it easy to send money to their home country cause of the availability of money transfer provider and the numerous bank in the Netherlands that makes it possible for money transactions. When in this country, you can send money anywhere you wish, and you can also send money from the Netherlands to the US.

Send Money to the United States from the Netherlands




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How long does it take to transfer money from the Netherlands to the USA?

Delivery time varies, as some can fulfill the delivery within 3 to 5 banking days. Some companies can send your money in minutes, so you can use such a service when you are in a hurry to send money to the US. Transfer time may also depend on the amount you need to send cause sometimes the bigger the amount, the longer it would take to deliver the money. It will not be too long cause they can deliver it in a day or two. Some money remittance companies can have it delivered in 24 hours.


There are money transfer companies that offer a discount when you send a certain amount. There is a fixed rate if you need to send from a dollar to a hundred, or a different rate if you send from over a hundred dollars to five hundred dollars. If you can send more money by choosing the higher amount to send and get it for less, then that would be the most ideal. If you are to transact with the bank, they also have different fees for money transfers. They also have varying exchange rates and times of delivery.

Some people are not too keen on using the bank for the money transfer requirements cause banks cost more for money transfer transactions, and they are not the fastest to deliver the money.


When you need to send money to the US from the Netherlands and you are confused about which company to use, you can do some research online. It will help you decide when you see the exchange rates, the fees for transferring your money, and the turnaround time before your receiver can have their money. Banks and money transfer provider have their advantage and disadvantage. It will just depend on which of these institutions you will trust with your money transfer requirements.

Send money to the United States with the bank

Banks have a connection, and they have their local presence in almost every country. When you have a bank account in the Netherlands, it will be easy for you to send money to the US, and they have a higher limit with every money transfer you need. They can also provide you with the rates and fees before you continue with the transaction. You can also decide whether you see their exchange rate as fair and agreeable to the turnaround time.

Many people would rather transact with their bank cause they feel more secure as banks will also update them on the status of the money delivery.
Let your recipient know how they should expect the money, if they can withdraw the money from their bank or if they need to go to the bank that has a tie-up with the bank used in the Netherlands.

Transfer money to the US with a money transfer provider

Many people trust money transfer providers with their money sending requirements. They also made sending to the US from the Netherlands simple with the many choices of money remittance companies. Most of these money transfer companies have a reputation to uphold, so you are sure that your money is safe, secure and will get to your recipient on time.

The advantage of using a money transfer provider for you is that they can send your money fast, so during an emergency, you can rely on a money transfer company to deliver the money swiftly. The only difficult thing you need to consider about using a money transfer provider is not the exchange rate, or the fees and also not the delivery time, it is in deciding which company you would choose.


If you need to send money fast to the US, there is a money transfer provider that can give you options. There is a 24-hour delivery, in a few hours, or even in real-time. Although most of the money transfer providers have the same promise, some keep their promise plus go the extra mile to ensure that your money will arrive safely in the hands of the receiver.

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